Oct 22, 2011

at 12:21 AM


Ouch, stomach isn't cooperating well. D;

Quick ones:
- I'm feeling so proud of my school Choir. hehe..
- I find my choir teacher very funny sometimes, lol..
- My PA teacher said I'm smart, but I have high Ego. good or bad?
- My PA objective paper got only 30 out of 60 questions. Abit contradicting isn't it? o.o
- Life is about Catching up.
- Would I get tired of catching up one day?
- I'm starting my PLKN blog SOON! x)
- I'm totally stress-free now! (perhaps.)
- Sister is home!~
- This final exam only meets 50% of my expectation. aihs..

15mins later*

- Syiaks, just had diarrhoea, the after-effect of Caffeine on me. =X (Also reason why i have flat tummy HAHA sorry jus joking XD)
- My hair grew so long until it itches my thighs when I'm in shorts lol =x
- Having another miserable basketball-and-not-so-much-basketball session tmr ^^
- It's 1 a.m now and gonna have pillow talk with mum n sistaa soon!
- Gotta take my 小白兔 for shower in a couple of days.
- Karaoke on Monday with my new friends! YAY!
- Malacca Food Trip soon in November nyeehe~
- God is Awesome!
- Again, He loves you! whoever you areeee.

Okay, so long peps.

♥ Jo


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YESSSSS!! muahaahah XDXD


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