Oct 6, 2011

at 9:39 AM

My rights!

I learnt to fight for my rights!

And here's the story.
There was this chinese teacher in my school, that wanted to form a dance group.
She called all the girls during assembly and started to ask.
I wasn't interested, cause dancing wasn't really my thing.
But at the same time I was concerned, cause she's pulling a few of the choir members out.

'But teacher, we've already joined Choir..'
'It's alright, you can join both.'

That was exactly WHAT she said.
Very well.

Yesterday, I heard from my friend that all those who've joined the dance, have to quit choir.
Teacher's order.

I was like, WHUT?!

Me and 2 of my friends went n talk to the teacher.
From the way she talk, I know she's an irresponsible teacher.
I wanted to shoot her at her face and say,

'If choir caused so much trouble to you, why didn't you warn them before PULLING them to your dance thingy??Instead, all you wanted was somebody to fill in your dance slot, and the rest, none of your business.'

But duh, she's a teacher, what else can I do?
So instead, I answered.

'Well teacher, all we're asking for, is a fair and square solution. We'll take half of the practice time, and we'll give the other half for your dance.'

And guess what, she rejected my offer.

Now she insisted to have them quit choir, and find us replacements.

I shall see what she can do.
If she's not doing anything about it.
I'm not gonna keep quiet.

Such irresponsible teacher.
Don't deserve my respect.

But again, who am I to not respect teachers?
I'm still a student.
Ah sigh.

Fine, you gain my respect, somehow.

Just because you're a teacher.


♥ Jo


奇泪儿 said...

Calm down my dear.
I can see everyone so stressed on this choir stuff.
Even teacher in charged.

I hope everything will go right,
after exam.

Anonymous said...

you should talk to your choir teacher, no point arguing with elder people who, unfortunately, do not put value in what they say.

MidnightGurl said...

now have to worry bout the music part..sigh!

Dont think bout it, exam first! GOGO!

Bei Yi said...

walao itu cikgu apa nama?! so daring bully den zu yi oOOO !! THROW BOMB TO HER! JOEY GO !

MidnightGurl said...

ahahha...yes i will, if she doesnt wana help! >;D

An Empty Vial said...

You have to voice out. Di zi gui said before in his book, if our parents (in this case, teachers) are asking us to do something bad that pleases them, we must explain to them that we cannot do it.

If I were you, she'd gotten a double face-slap with my words already. I couldn't be bothered for it because she didn't seem to respect you! Worst case scenario, she'll be reported and I shall enjoy the show :) That's what I'd do.

MidnightGurl said...

well you're right at some point.
But you see, it's still our role as a student to respect them.. =)
yep i did voice out, and i will again, if it's nt settled. just that, sometimes things can be easier if we back off a little. make it a win-win situation! =D

Ezkey said...

sad case dear...its tough...time to use wisdom...i meant, hello...v r 18 and not kids..we shud tell them to b a gud example n WALK THE TALK..tell her straight to the face la...

cheer up girl!

MidnightGurl said...

haha ekey, tats why!!! =x i wanted so much to do that! but urgh..dun bother la, malas wana argue also..

im owkayyy darling, no worrries! =DD


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