Oct 2, 2011

at 12:14 AM


I'm obviously going a lil semi-active now.

But either way, I will never let my blog go dead!

Some quick updates.
(no colour font this time. lazy =p)

I cut my hair! And it doesn't look naiss.
Yes I cut my fringe and I have my bangs back.
I can't wait for it to growwwwww. gaaaaaah.

Few days ago I was caught lepak-ing in school without a 'pass'.
The sir stopped me, and some other people, with a cane in his hand. Then he went crapping bout it, how wrong and how stubborn and how mischievous we were. Bla bla bla.
Well, nothing big bout it, but it changed my perspective towards the school.
So they actually took account of the discipline. XD

I have tons of pictures waiting to be uploaded.
But sigh, I have no time for that now. =(

Well, wait till I'm done with my finals!

Since today is 1st of October. (AKA my month! =p) I have given myself new tasks and goals!

Speaking of 'my month', I was actually reminded by somebody in facebook, who tagged me in her status saying 'Hello October Baby!'.. Hehehhe, sweet much! Yet again, it's my month. So imma live it to my best. ^___^

It's crucial, as exam is around the corner. Also, I'm sort of 'handling' a performance.
I don't want to make it sound big, but i cant find any better word d LOL.

Anyway, the stress is always there. But I really want to do it max for God. =)

Holy Spirit come,
Refresh me once again.

Thank you Lord,
for the reminder.
♥ Jo

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