Oct 2, 2011

at 1:11 PM


I had a weird dream last night.
Because I thought about it too much?
Or was God speaking to me through the dream?

I googled this question, and found an article.
The last line pierced deep into my heart.

"And Jim, I think He's talking to you, LOUD AND CLEAR."...

I felt as if my heart has just sunk down to the bottom of my stomach.
It doesn't make sense.

I hope I'm wrong at some part.
God knows best.
Can I not wake up from my dreams?
Or dear God, will you let me sleep for just awhile more?..

I don't want to wake up.
Reality Hurts.

Imagine you're holding a puzzle box.

Where do you start?
You spread them al over the floor, you pick them up, and you start putting them together.
With much patience and determination, you complete the picture.

I hold too many pieces in my hand, not knowing which to do first.
Now that's what I'm going to do.

Ministry, Studies, Relationships.

Dear God, please strengthen my faith.
I want to glorify Your name.

And nothing else matters.

♥ Jo

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