Oct 30, 2011

at 1:14 AM


Geez, time flies like aeroplanes!, i mean, rockets! no it's like river flowing!!
Ohh whatever.

Exam's done (im repeating -.-), birthday's done, meet ups done (almost), performance, next week.
I know exam finished like 2 weeks ago? but allow me to drag abit of that in this post. =p

It's obvious that nobody is interested with the marks. But I do!
Teachers all stop entering classes and i was like crap. Can't blame them, cuz our class is on the 3rd floor. And what's more, there would only be 6 students (5 classmates plus me 6) who would go school consistently. 4 of us are in choir team so we won't be in class whole day. So how many left? You do the math.

Aihs, so far I only know my econ marks. It sucks, but somehow passed my own target. (50 above) muahaha. Close enough. ;) Darling Ann is super diligent. She never skip school, i'm serious. Typical huh. 2 days ago I saw her doing essay in class, I went to her and kind of encouraged her. (tehheee =p) She's having MUET test in mid-Nov. There're something in her that actually soften me every time. The humbleness in her is precious. =)

Speaking of that, I shouldn't even been seeing her in school, should be staying in ICT room for choir practice that morning. But mana tau half of the team were absent, sigh.. Can't they think abit for us? We wanted so much to stay at home also, but because of the commitment, we went. I would rather want a team with commitment than just good voices. Sigh... So yeh, we practically wasted whole day in class fooling around. Lifeless eh?.. Nyways, i don't care anymore. They come, they come, They don't, fine. =)

This, was what happened.

Aihs, waaste of time.
In the end I watched drama with frens in her laptop.

The other day I went tutoring at my student's house.For the first time in my life, I drew robot. LOL and I actually competed with him hehe! =p

His drawings.

Look at the bottom left. o.o

And this was mine. 

forgiveee meeee, it was just my first attempt. =x
If it wasn't for Real Steel (AWESOME AWESOME MOVIE!),
I wouldn't even bother to think how robots look like!

Next post: Birthday!


♥ Jo


Bei Yi said...

when i saw ur robot i really LOL hahahhahah!

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