Oct 19, 2011

at 9:44 PM


*blow blow*

woahh, blog is collecting dust already O;

I'm here to declare, THE WAR HAS ENDED!

Well exam has just ended. But it's not exactly the end yet.
Another performance coming up on the 3rd of Nov, and I shall kiss them stress GOODBYE!

Just for this year-end exam, I've suffered much.
Not just for the thickness of each reference book, but also for my work!
Just too bad it's the exam season.
Cut the long story short, I have no time for my revision at ALL.

But what could I do? Sorry to those who had to hear me complain all the time, I appreciate you guys a bunch, really i do! hehe.. =p Actually all i need was somebody to listen to me. Bother not whether you care. But the awesome part was, all of you did care. =)

I was not feeling quite right with my spiritual walk just recently.
I found no peace sometimes, only then I was reminded.
Seek, and you shall find.
As I drove to school these few days, so happened I picked a CD which has all the christian songs in it. I just couldn't describe the amazing feelings I get every time the songs were played. The lyrics just never fail to touch me. It was indeed God, He wanted me to know that he was there!
Sorry Father, I didn't mean to go out of track. Really.

So this exam stone had been removed.
It's time for me to get back on normal life!

But first thing first, GET THAT @(*$&(*%& CHOIR RIGHT!
xD! don't get me wrong, it's my passion, and I was just a little too hyper.

Pray to God, that the whole thing will run smoothly.
I promised you Lord, that I want to go MAX for you!


p/s: more updates coming. whee!

♥ Jo

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