Nov 3, 2011

at 10:50 AM

18th Year On Earth.

I'm off shits like "Hey but you're underage.." or "Opss it's a PG18 film."..
Hehe. But other than that, 18 doesn't make any difference for me. I'm still in School-U.

My birthday falls on the 26th of Oct (Wed). Which was Deepavali. I was excited thou, people actually got an off day on my birthday! It was as thou those fireworks were for meyy, hehees. 
Moving on, I'm officially living my 18th year on earth.

I had an early celebration with my family on the 24th.
After one karaoke session with friends, parents brought me for dinner at Senawang.
Sister suggested Kajang Satay! =D

We stopped by a stall, it looked somewhat boring.
But who cares? It was my celebration! lols.
We were really in a mood, until the malay guy came with the satays.

Look at this.

For goodness sake.

 Father complained, and they were not happy.

Swts.. We didn't stay for long thou, planned to go somewher else for a second round. Lol. We got in the car, and dad drove around to explore the area. 5 mins later, something caught our attention.

And there it was, Sate Kajang Haji Samuri.

Only then we knew, we went to a wrong stall! xD
so we decided to go for a 2nd round of satay.

Now this is more like it!

Toss for Joey!

Oh did I mention the first stall charged us 70 cents per stick?
And the awesome Kajang Satay was 10cents cheaper.

You know what I mean don't you? =)

Another early celebration on 25th. Hees.

Second round of Greenbox for the week.
Awesome day!

The exact day on my birthday wasn't as great. It was a hard day for me. 
Well I didn't expect any surprises or invitations or whatsoever.
Because expectations bring disappointments, my theory.
Yet again, it was rather dull. I practically sat in front of my PC to reply wishes for the entire morning.
Sad huh. It was my birthday. But somebody was suffering in the hospital, fighting with Death.
I went to visit my uncle around noon hour. I couldn't take it to see him in pain. 
To cut the story short, my heart sored to the max. 
And during that 2 hours visit, while I was trying to stay as calm as I could, I had to pick up calls. People call to wish me happy birthday, and all I could do was to force myself a smile. It went worse when I heard my granny's voice over the phone. I miss her. Alot.

Later in the afternoon, sister and I went and pick KK and headed to jusco.
You could say it was for my birthday, or an early celebration with KK (her birthday falls on 28th).
For me it was more like a catch-up outing with my sister, who had been with us for a week before moving back to Kedah. The afternoon went quite well, it made me stop thinking for awhile.We also went for arcade games and had great fun there. =)

Food for the Day.

aww u need help? =x

I still prefer McFlurry Oreo. =p

Reached home in the evening, and 15mins later I followed dad and brother out for movie. Guess whut? It was Real Steel! Probably the best movie for the year ;D (I actually had forgotten the other movies I watched this year heh.) Well if you haven't watch, go for it! No regrets. =) 
While waiting...

The massage chair ouside MBO.

Sorry dad, I hope you won't see this.

That was it. I was exhausted, with mixture of feelings. That night, I slept with much emotions.
 The next day, I had to crawl out of bed and drive to school for choir practice.
Unexpectedly, somebody was cool and sweet enough to...

Look, I was like..


100% handmade!

Together with the gifts.

I really appreciate his effort, really really! And what's more, he is a guy! For goodness sake. xD Not many guys would spend time to make a birthday card. So far, he's the second. =p Hehee. Thanks Ken. =))

Now, these are the things that brighten my day. =)

The sisters.
Kelly. Angel. Grace.

Dear partner, Lois.

Dear Aunt.

The Leong siblings.

Dear sister and Kelvin Mun.

Sweetie Kay.

Mummy. xD

Daddy. xDD

Darling Josh. =)

These people are awesome.
Thanks for making my 18 counts.

P/s: finally.

♥ Jo

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