Nov 17, 2011

at 11:48 PM

Ahh crap. Another swing.

Don't complain can?

I once see this saying,
When you do good, nobody ever compliment you;
But when a mistake is made, people remember it forever.

Why so serious?
I cleaned up my mess.
And you said you can't count on me.

Will you try to understand me?
I tried my best to help.
And you complained that I can't.

I'm not freaked out.
At least for now.

I realized something thou.
I find myself not expressing to people anymore.
You can say I'm being more independent.
Or in other word, it just doesn't matter anymore.

I used to tell people everything. Detailed.

But the more I share, the more I don't feel people listening.
And in the end it was just me blabbering to myself.

Pathetic eh. ;)


If I say I'm sorry,
will you still care?

♥ Jo

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