Nov 4, 2011

at 12:39 AM

Appreciation Night. Our Night.

Yesterday was our
Malam Aprisiasi SMKSA aka Appreciation Night.

Two months ago. A choir group was formed among the Lower Six.
I was only a member, and a bit of a helper.
As the group proceed, I was informally the leader of it.

Test of voices.
Altos, Sopranos, Bases.
Photocopies of song lyrics.
Choices of songs.
Money collections.
Discussions of movements.
Arguments. Disappointments.
And in the end, 
we gave our best performance that night. 

Everything spells Memories.

I had quite some pressures. But I enjoyed doing music.
The process wasn't at all smooth. We got alot of negative comments. They even planned to cancel our choir group. When teacher put the thoughts in me, my heart sank right to the bottom of my stomach.
I was so sad until one point I thought of giving up the whole group. *frowned.

We aren't very good singers. We aren't professionals. 
But to get to this stage in a month time, you better clap! XD
It turned out really great.
Well, I don't know bout you, but I truly was proud of the team. =)

Credits to Peggy for these pictures!

I like this alot. =)

Imma miss those moments!

You guys, are like my family.

♥ Jo



An Empty Vial said...

I'm jealous of you! >< Btw, where is Tenor? :P

MidnightGurl said...

jealous?? dont be haha! im sure ur guitar skills are better ;D we only have 6 boys, what do u expect?? XD


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