Nov 1, 2011

at 11:55 PM


This post was supposed to be my birthday post.
But forget it for now.

Today was..RAWRRR!!

YOU, our 'dear' teacher.
I can't find reasons to show my respect anymore. Because you don't seem to respect us.
Sad to say, I just don't see the leadership quality in you.
Yeah you may be good in teaching, but not at leading a group.

You want to be a leader, you first must respect them.
Instead of blaming them for their mistakes, you must encourage them to do better.
We, don't need somebody like you to pull us all down!

You think we don't feel bad? You think we're not disappointed?
Look at our faces teacher, we KNEW we didn't do well.
Please, go away if you want to comment us as the 'kindergarten singing group'.
At least we tried.

Yeah, maybe we had our mistakes.
But the biggest downfall was the voices.
How do you expect a group of people to sing at one point the whole auditorium can hear EARLY IN THE MORNING WITHOUT WARMING UP?!
I told you we needed some space and time to do our warm up.
All that you said was, 'Don't need to.'
When we messed the whole rehearsal.
Your respond was, 'Don't give excuses.'
And you know what? You want to use the word 'terrible' on us? Think again.

When things are good, you take all the glories.
When things go bad, you blame us for getting scolded.
Nonsense, no?

'Guys, if you still can't do well, we might as well cancel the whole song.'
'Teacher, don't be so discouraging. Time like these we need to boost their energy, not to blame them.'

Now I'm glad I said that. Look at your own face, you knew you said the wrong thing.
Sorry teacher, I tried to accept you.
But it was too much for me.
You talk, we walk.
Try put yourself in our shoes. We perform, not you.

Funny part was this.
'Hey girl, don't you think it's too late to go at 11?.. Why not go earlier and practice more?'
'They need rest teacher, today itself took so much energy from them, and no point if we keep changing the time.'
'U r rite.Make sure use an hour time to really practice. Rest well.'

See? I win.

Thx for listening, or reading. 
Sorry for being rude.
I need to express.

♥ Jo


奇泪儿 said...

teacher is stressful, too.
maybe communication between us and teacher failed?
watever is it.

just do our BEST.
everything will be ok. =)

MidnightGurl said...

i know she is. Her eyes were red when she talked to me. But still, everybody is at fault, she can't put all the blame on us.


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