Nov 15, 2011

at 12:59 PM


Of myself.

Hehe, this morning I woke up and received a call from school.

'Ju Yee, u kena dtg sekolah sekarang jugak.'

She scared me off thou. Then later she explained that my application for scholarship has been approved.
I hung up. Got ready and headed to school.

Weeks ago I was disappointed. I thought mine wasn't approve, cuz 2 of my classmates already got it way ahead of me. Teacher told me she only received the letter today itself, and tomorrow is the deadline. =.=

Anyway, I'm really grateful!
God provides, when you learn to give. 

As to the title of this post, of course this isn't the main thing.

Proud of myself, because I feel a bit adultish. LOL
Just because I drove all the way to school and meet my teacher. :D
Hehe, funny how students can walk in and out of school compound just like that.
It was during the school hours. I practically walked in and walked out 10mins later.
Nobody ask anything.

Bukit Mewah isn't like that! =x
You want to go in Bukit Mewah, first you have to make record, then get a pass. Later when you're leaving, you must show the guard the signature of any teacher. Urgh.

Anyway back to topic. I drove to BSN, found a parking. Looked back at the form, and realized I don't have a photocopied IC with me. Dang. Decided to do it tomorrow morning. Later I took a shortcut that I didn't take before. Went foodcourt dabao and headed home.

I was like, wow. I was in town myself, and I dared take the shortcut.
I used to be called a failed human GPS.
You get what I mean. ;D

Tralalaa, you can't make fun of me.
After all, everyone has their first time. =p

Now that I have a car, I sometimes feel like doing sumthing really stupid. And I bet nobody would agree to it. Every time I drove pass the main road that heads to my house, I see people walking with an umbrella. I have this urge to stop and give them a lift.

Weather kills me like hell. I felt for them, really! Cuz i used to be one of them too. And each time I walked home, I would be praying that somebody would stop and offer to send me home. XD
Of course you must know how to differentiate good and bad people. Like duhh.

Anyway, I feel like doing this at least once or twice. And my target would be students!
Imagine, after one whole day of school, you have to carry your bag and walk home.
Very ke lian one okay. I totally understand them.

Dear Juniors, I'm not a bad jie jie. Lemme send you home safely!


Mission Trip is coming.
I'm not prepared spiritually.
One week to go, please be strong Jojo.

Let's do this for God.


♥ Jo

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