Nov 17, 2011

at 1:48 AM

Suan le bah.. ;')

What comes around goes around.

The person who leaves tend to be stronger than the one left behind hmm?
You did not see what I was trying to say..
I appreciated our friendship, but you don't seem to care anymore..
Where is the bonding we once had?
Where is the closeness we once treasure?

You're leaving with no goodbyes.
And you seemed totally okay with it. ;)

It's okay.. Maybe you just don't see it as important as how I see it.

I was quite excited thou.
My day was good. I thought.
Suddenly got disappointed.
Then suddenly I was tired of waiting.
And again suddenly all happened at one time.

I don't want to explode.
So yahh, suan le lah..

How would you feel when you don't feel appreciated?

Sad right. Lol.

It's alright lahh, just isn't the right time to talk to you.
Didn't want to add to your worries, so I can handle it myself.

Why can't you give in.
Why can't you see it.

You don't care, I don't trouble you.

Suan le.

♥ Jo


Bei Yi said...

well expressed =)
its my current mood LOL
in fact, i always in tis kinda mood -.-

MidnightGurl said...

got anot.. lol =)


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