Dec 29, 2011

at 9:50 PM

He died.

Before he could see her.
He seemed oblivious to the danger he's facing.
And when he finally realized it, he fought for his own life.
Death was too powerful and it was too late for him to regret.

I didn't like the ending.
Because they were so beautiful together.
Living apart, they felt so helpless.
But despite the distance, they managed to make it for each other.

She left her.
Seeing him chasing after her in her rear-view mirror, she stepped on her accelerator.
She later realized how stupid she was, to have left him in pain.

Now, it was too late for her to turn back in time.
She knew that leaving him was the biggest mistake.

He's gone.
And they could never see each other again.

'Imagine one day if I died, how?'

What could possibly happen to me then?
Your question left me pondering.

I felt her pain.

And like I said,
my imaginations,
are just as good as yours.

♥ Jo

Dec 28, 2011

at 5:17 PM

I'm Upset.

I want a room to myself.
I want a PC to myself.
I want a personal space.
I want my private moment just to myself.

Each time I need to be alone, something interrupt. 
So hard to find free time for myself.
And when I finally found time, there MUST be sumthing that has to stop me.

I'm complaining.
I am.

I know I shouldn't.
But forgive me.
I'll be okay soon.


♥ Jo


Dec 22, 2011

at 2:42 PM

Endless Energy.

Forgot since when my mum started leaving me home alone without worrying for my lunch. o.o

I guess she knew it's time, for me to take care of myself. Eheheh.
Eversince school holiday started, I had to plan my own lunch almost everyday.
Sometimes I wish dad would be home, so that he could bring me out.

Being home alone still rocks. 
But still, no food, no fun. 
It's either I'm out with friends, or I grab something light at home. 
Or worse comes to worst, I starve till she's home around evening. O_O

Pathetic right.

Today I had no lunch. Somebody FFK me. =x
 *hint hint* HAHA JK.
Then another fella rejected to go out with me. 
*hint hint* HAHAHA JK AGAIN =p

So in the end I had no choice but to go out alone.
More like a brunch than a lunch. Cause I've been starving since 9 this morning. 

I rolled on my bed like a 5-year-old as my stomach growled non-stop.
Thinking where to eat, and finally decided to go for YongTauFu.
I brought along my novel, just in case. o.o

YongTauFu is easily the best place for lunch.
Like seriously. 
Despite being alone, it was awesome as usual. =)

I had all the time at noon for myself to enjoy the meal.
I read my novel abit while waiting for the food to come.
So that I won't look stupid sitting alone staring into the air. LOL

Everything was close to perfection.
Well, if only I was in a cafe with less people around me.

Wonder how simple things like these can make me so happy this afternoon.
I guess because the joy was from God.

Thanks for answering my prayer.

Happy advanced birthday. 

♥ Jo

Dec 20, 2011

at 10:12 PM

222nd post. Burger FTW!

Present to you......

4th November. 

29th November.

 6th December.

8th December.

16th December.

18th December.

18th December.

9th September.
This shot is awesome!

Double Cheese Burger,
I Love You!


Found this picture in a very old folder.
for fun. 

♥ Jo

Dec 16, 2011

at 2:54 AM

So fast?.. =)

The year is coming to an end. 2011, has been a great year to me.
Lol I don't wana sound like a grandma now..oh mann...
But looking back the whole entire year, God has been faithful. =D

I've gone thru transition points this year. So much of memories, so much of joy. I never want to leave them behind, but things in life seem to swallow them little by little. And every time, I have to keep reminding myself to take a break, look around, and cherish them. Be it my friends, be it my family. Most people will say, life goes on, look forward. But life, to me, has to be more than that.

It's thanksgiving season hm?
I won't list out the people whom I want to give thanks to, you know who you are. =)
Basically, whoever that came into the picture made it whole.
If you're reading this, then you're definitely one of them... =)

Now I'm sounding like a grandma.


♥ Jo

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