Dec 12, 2011

at 1:45 AM

Christmas is here, Bringing good cheer! ^.^

Hehe another Christmas is here!
How old would Jesus be now? probably 2000 over years old.
Oh old yet still so strong hm? xD

Everyone is talking about Christmas.
Frankly, I still don't get the mood yet.
But thanks to facebook, my homepage is flooded with statuses and pictures about Christmas already. =) Nyeeehehe. So just to be updated abit, Merry Christmas everybodey!

Christmas is not so much of just christmas tree and presents and songs.
It's about Jesus Christ!

Reason why I don't get the mood yet is because, I'm busier this time than the previous year. Gotten myself into too many things. Too many things until one point I can hardly breathe...=x

Anyway. I want to be ready this Christmas.
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus. =)

♥ Jo

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