Dec 22, 2011

at 2:42 PM

Endless Energy.

Forgot since when my mum started leaving me home alone without worrying for my lunch. o.o

I guess she knew it's time, for me to take care of myself. Eheheh.
Eversince school holiday started, I had to plan my own lunch almost everyday.
Sometimes I wish dad would be home, so that he could bring me out.

Being home alone still rocks. 
But still, no food, no fun. 
It's either I'm out with friends, or I grab something light at home. 
Or worse comes to worst, I starve till she's home around evening. O_O

Pathetic right.

Today I had no lunch. Somebody FFK me. =x
 *hint hint* HAHA JK.
Then another fella rejected to go out with me. 
*hint hint* HAHAHA JK AGAIN =p

So in the end I had no choice but to go out alone.
More like a brunch than a lunch. Cause I've been starving since 9 this morning. 

I rolled on my bed like a 5-year-old as my stomach growled non-stop.
Thinking where to eat, and finally decided to go for YongTauFu.
I brought along my novel, just in case. o.o

YongTauFu is easily the best place for lunch.
Like seriously. 
Despite being alone, it was awesome as usual. =)

I had all the time at noon for myself to enjoy the meal.
I read my novel abit while waiting for the food to come.
So that I won't look stupid sitting alone staring into the air. LOL

Everything was close to perfection.
Well, if only I was in a cafe with less people around me.

Wonder how simple things like these can make me so happy this afternoon.
I guess because the joy was from God.

Thanks for answering my prayer.

Happy advanced birthday. 

♥ Jo

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