Dec 29, 2011

at 9:50 PM

He died.

Before he could see her.
He seemed oblivious to the danger he's facing.
And when he finally realized it, he fought for his own life.
Death was too powerful and it was too late for him to regret.

I didn't like the ending.
Because they were so beautiful together.
Living apart, they felt so helpless.
But despite the distance, they managed to make it for each other.

She left her.
Seeing him chasing after her in her rear-view mirror, she stepped on her accelerator.
She later realized how stupid she was, to have left him in pain.

Now, it was too late for her to turn back in time.
She knew that leaving him was the biggest mistake.

He's gone.
And they could never see each other again.

'Imagine one day if I died, how?'

What could possibly happen to me then?
Your question left me pondering.

I felt her pain.

And like I said,
my imaginations,
are just as good as yours.

♥ Jo

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