Dec 4, 2011

at 8:14 PM

my first Mission Trip ever.

2000km away from Malaysia,was this beautiful island.
Baguio City, Philippine, my first mission trip at the age of 18. ;)

10days away from Malaysia.
To be honest, I wish it could be longer.
Ministry after ministry, I was no longer an ordinary believer who only does things on a regular basis. I had to remind myself all the time, that yeah, I'm here for mission, I'm here to be a blessing, I'm here to learn, to grow.

10days away in Philippine.
We had fun together, we served together.
God sent me there, for a purpose. Sometimes I find it hard to understand God. He don't always do things the way we want. And it reminds me of a sermon. 'You don't ask God to do things your way, you do things to fit in God's kingdom.' His timing, His will.

If it wasn't for these 10 days, I would not realize how deaf I was all these while.
'You don't wait until God slap you hard.'
Oh well. Just this sentence, changed my life altogether.

Being obedient can be said easily.
But when it comes to action, everybody seem to be blinded instantly.

I just took a minute to read back what I just typed.
And crap, I don't understand.

Seriously, what am I thinking?

♥ Jo

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