Jan 30, 2012

at 10:01 PM

Her. ^__^

Some words to this particular person :
Thou I know you might not read this. Or maybe you will. :D
Friendship was never a big deal to me since young. Yep they indeed are important. But knowing that people come, people go, I don't take friendship bigger than any other matter. Just a note to appreciate you for being part of my life since 8 years ago! Haha me sounding like a grandma again!
Nywayz, I find no words to actually describe our relationship.

But just a way to express,
I see you more than a normal girl friend.
I see you more than a schoolmate.
I see you more than one of the longest friends I have.
I see you more than a heart-to-heart talk friend.
I see you more than a close buddy.
I see you more than a sister in Christ.

Don't worry, I'm straight. xp

This post wasn't planned. Out of a sudden I got into this flashback mode and things came to me like they're rewinding by their own. I won't speak much. For some things are meant to be kept to ourselves.

You know almost everything I'm going thru, but not everything in detailed.
Things never really changed between us. Even when we lost touch for a period of time, we always come back again like we're talking everyday. This kind of friendship, isn't much a friendship to me. More like a lifestyle.

I don't have to tell you I appreciate you all the time. 
And I don't think you expect anything like that.
But once in a while, I can't help it but to say,

I really love you lehhh sakaiii....!





♥ Jo

Jan 24, 2012

at 5:19 PM

Camwhore again. D;

SS mode on, sorry.


♥ Jo

Jan 20, 2012

at 4:32 PM

A break.

Chinese New Year Celebration seems to drain year by year..
I get less excited every time. Ohh dear, I must be getting older. XD
Probably because I have too many things unfinished, and I can't find myself enjoying the holiday..
Because the sooner the holiday starts, the sooner it comes to an end.
Which means, gahhhhhhh.....I don't want to say it. T___T

I have a project to rush, I have 2 chapters to study for quiz, I have a report writing, and it goes on... Can't they teachers be a lil more considerate? T_T How to finish everything in one week? I didn't even plan for visitations, so let alone my homework lol.

I received my late birthday ( October -.-) presents last night, and goooodness, I love'em!
One of them was a book with title '30 Days To A Great Attitude'.. I flipped open the first page, and the first 2 paragraphs were already speaking to me. Man, Imma start reading asap. :D 

- BeanBean must be hungry, I heard it munching its food even from here in my room. =p

- Finally we got our voucher this morning, as promised. Great, I have tons of books to buy. =) Not bad, came at the right time. wheees. 

- Today the teacher that talked behind my back acted as if I did not exist. It was like super obvious when she was asking the rest a question except for me. Lol. Very small gas hor she. o_o

- I cried in class today. Not because I was sad, but because I was angry and yet I could not find ways to defend myself. People made mistakes, and I had to take all the blame. sigh! But anyway, sorry friends, I shouldn't rage .__.

- Muscles aching everywhere, the after-effect of running too fast after soo long of not exercising. =x

- Wisdom tooth coming out. What a time.

♥ Jo

Jan 18, 2012

at 5:55 PM

Turn Around. what do you see?

Cross-country today. For real this time. Lol :D
Weird enough, they actually chose people to run for cross-country. Cuz I thought it was a school event so everyone has to take part. I did not go for practice 2 days ago and therefore I wasn't in the list. But cut the long story short, I got to run in the end. o.o

Journey was 8km, I heard. (it used to be 6km last time in bukit mewah. T_T)
Well despite that, I got 3rd place for the run. =))
Proud of myself, proud of my God. :D
We had 2 up-hills and 3 long straight roads. Mind you, the sun was burning.
The bronze medal I got isn't very great, but what made me happy most was the spirit I got. xD
Didn't know after 2 years, my stamina still remained.

Last night my lil bro prayed for me bout this. And I guess God heard him.
Thx for ur prayer little one. =)

Today I did not drive to school.
After much consideration, decided to take bus home with a friend.
The 'yellow bus', that's how we used to call it.

Along the journey I saw things that made me think.
I saw old ladies chasing after the bus until they almost fell down.
I saw small children taking bus home after school, all by themselves.
I saw a lady with her hunched back trying to grab the bus handle.
I saw a driver that drives all day on the same roads, to the same places.

I'm so blessed. =)

It took me 1 hour+ to reach home.
The moment I got home, the electricity went off.
After sweating for 30mins, my fans started moving again.
After one long shower, finally had my lunch around 4pm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you remember, I had an entry that talked about a teacher.
Just in case you wanna read, it's Here ...
Dang it, today she complained about me to my form teacher.
After so long, she still remembered me.
Lol. I must have gave her a bad bad impression.

Anyway, I'm not angry.
After all, I have no faults.
But please lah teacher, don't be like a kid that talk behind people's back.
You aren't satisfied with me, come and confront me.

Last year in high school. I will be good.

I think. =)

♥ Jo

Jan 16, 2012

at 10:21 PM


it's only 10pm, and I don't know what else to do.


I'm glad I have a blog to release.



Totally random.

Today skipped cross-country practice. Feeling a lil guilty. =x

But apart from that, my mind is totally on a relax mode.
Somebody tried to hang me up by pressing me about STPM.
Aishyehh, rilek laaa, January ONLY mah. =p

I had this mindset since form4. 
I did my last minute as usual.
It's not good.
But yet I pulled through.

Miracle sial.

I can't guarantee miracles will happen again.
So this year I'mma start being serious earlier. Maybe by June.

I smelled heavy rain.
Very soon.
The strong wind outside now really soothes me.
Ahh life...

I don't know why, but I'm thinking so much at the moment.
And that's why the title.

♥ Jo


Jan 12, 2012

at 10:14 PM

Jelly isn't that nice after all..

Joey. Jelly.

 But. You. Don't. Know.

♥ Jo


Jan 9, 2012

at 9:51 PM

I'm still young. =p

Today cross-country practice. Weather was awesome.
Haha, praise God. =p

Process was cool, I was the first form-6 to reach, according to Ann.
muahaha. I still have the stamina! not bad hor?
Now I only pray nobody will ask me to run for the school.
I wasn't quite sure how many km was that, but I used 25mins.

For the following 3 practices, sorry school, me not staying.

After the running I offered my friend a lift home who lives at Seremban 3.
I thought I know the road lols. I thought. But truth was otherwise.
I didn't know how but suddenly I realized I was on the road to PD toll.
Luckily there was a turn to Mambau.
Still, no idea where I was, I got panicked, and continued driving till I saw a roundabout.

Thank goodness! I took a turn back and kept looking for signboard.
I was 2 secs late when I saw the Seremban arrow and actually reversed my car.
Heh, got a few horns thou. =p

Somehow I found my way home, ohohoho. And yes I'm proud of it. xD

'Remember this road I showed you last time?'
'Don't ask me, you know I'm bad at directions.'
'...o.o..true story.'


I really wish I could be more independent.

Random 2: 
Was fooling around and randomly asked mom to huggg me. 
Gosh it was so warm.
Mommy hugged me.
After so many years.


Cutiee, I'm in love with you.

♥ Jo

Jan 8, 2012

at 6:11 PM


First weekend of school.
Everything is good so far. But being a monitor isn't easy at all.
There were even a few times that I forgot to 'class stand' when teacher entered. xD

Now I understand why people say 'you'll get bored of driving one day'..Today I drove my bro to tuition, drove sister to work, drove to church. Then 2 hours later drove back home to fetch mum, drove bro from tuition, drove to family store, and drove home. 小白兔must be very tired le ;( *sayang~

Now since I have less number of students, I have time for afternoon nap everyday. ;D
Cool right! But this following week is gonna kill me.
Cross-Country or Merentas Desa this year will be held earlier.
And even worse, they want us to be in school 3.30pm to 6pm for practice next week.
Not one day, but four.

Crazy. I'm not so free to entertain the school.
Who would wanna go school and allow the sun to torture for 2 and a half hours when you have better things to do at home? Who would need to practice RUNNING? at that hour? -.-..... Let's hope there would be rain. Anyway, I will still go, as an act of being obedient. Good girl kononnye. Tehheee =O

This year, I must make good use of my Sundays.
Despite the new students coming in next month on Sunday, these are the things I will do every Sunday. =)

-wake latest by 9am
-complete homework of the week (repeat: 'of the week') =p
-cut fingernail
-wash clothes
-clean room
-tetris! *evillaughs
-practice guitar
-be happy no matter what. (just in case the week has been hectic)
-eat at least one chocolate bar. (just did.)
-read bible (just in case I did not read for the whole week)
-sleep before 12am.

Luke 1:37, " For with God nothing shall be impossible."


♥ Jo

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