Jan 20, 2012

at 4:32 PM

A break.

Chinese New Year Celebration seems to drain year by year..
I get less excited every time. Ohh dear, I must be getting older. XD
Probably because I have too many things unfinished, and I can't find myself enjoying the holiday..
Because the sooner the holiday starts, the sooner it comes to an end.
Which means, gahhhhhhh.....I don't want to say it. T___T

I have a project to rush, I have 2 chapters to study for quiz, I have a report writing, and it goes on... Can't they teachers be a lil more considerate? T_T How to finish everything in one week? I didn't even plan for visitations, so let alone my homework lol.

I received my late birthday ( October -.-) presents last night, and goooodness, I love'em!
One of them was a book with title '30 Days To A Great Attitude'.. I flipped open the first page, and the first 2 paragraphs were already speaking to me. Man, Imma start reading asap. :D 

- BeanBean must be hungry, I heard it munching its food even from here in my room. =p

- Finally we got our voucher this morning, as promised. Great, I have tons of books to buy. =) Not bad, came at the right time. wheees. 

- Today the teacher that talked behind my back acted as if I did not exist. It was like super obvious when she was asking the rest a question except for me. Lol. Very small gas hor she. o_o

- I cried in class today. Not because I was sad, but because I was angry and yet I could not find ways to defend myself. People made mistakes, and I had to take all the blame. sigh! But anyway, sorry friends, I shouldn't rage .__.

- Muscles aching everywhere, the after-effect of running too fast after soo long of not exercising. =x

- Wisdom tooth coming out. What a time.

♥ Jo

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