Jan 4, 2012

at 3:42 PM

Chasing time!

I always fry the best eggs! :D

Just got home from school. First day of school.
Sneeze all day, dust everywhere. Until I had to cover my nose with hanky.
And all I got was 'Aiyer..virus lahh, your handkerchief..' said my dear PA teacher.
I hate having flu and sore throat. Wonder why they always come together.
The worst feeling is when you feel like sneezing and in the end it didn't come.
Freakin me out. =.=

3 of them in our gang changed package, and so they've changed to another class.
Sad. Our class used to be the mischievous one. Sort of blacklisted, to be exact. xD
It's not like I'm proud of it, but the fun in class is gonna be the only thing worth remembering.
Heh. Now that 3 of them are gone, I need time to readjust myself again..

I'm not bragging, but I seriously think our discipline teacher is a lil bias.
He was all the while strict with our hair. And there's hardly once that I wasn't caught.
I was kind of ready to be called out this morning, but then surprisingly he let me go. XD
Lol. You can say I'm super lucky. Or you can say he's bias.
Because he used to favor me. Last year. LOL

Not much of lessons today.
But I did not know I have so much of homework untouched yet.
Today Econ teacher did some revision with us.
She asked me quite a few questions and all I gave her was head-shakes.
The disappointments on her face stung my heart deep.
Sorry lahh teacher, not like I want to forget them..... =(

I was also voted to be the class monitor.
This is seriously my first time. I only tried being an assistant and never the monitor.
I hope I don't get scoldings alot. =.=

Better go now.
I still have tons of work waiting to be done.

Happy Schooling Everybardeyy! =)

The Joy of The Lord is my Strength!

♥ Jo

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