Jan 5, 2012

at 10:50 PM

Feeling Cool. >:D

Second day of school was somewhat normal.
The phrase that says 'The more the merrier' isn't very applicable after all.
Hehe, my class has a total of 12 people, with 8 girls and 4 boys.
Pathetic, but I'm starting to love my class. :D
Everyone is so friendly, and we're all good to each other. =) I think.

I delayed my new year resolution list.
And along the way I've thought of quite a number. XD!

Save money! 
I need a new radio for my room, the current one is seriously dying. Oh and, with a remote, of course, and a CD player. So that I can like, chill on bed, without having to run here and there to switch channel. Muahaha. Next I want new speakers for my desktop. This sets are quite nice, but I'm trying to get one with more bass hehe. And the list goes on.

Gain weight! 
Fit, not Fat. :D

Treat people better!
Everybody :D I can be quite mean sometimes I notice. So I must start to listen more, talk less. =) Help as much as I can, and always be sincere, because
I'm representing Christ!

Sleep early!
Only works for schooldays. Otherwise, it's invalid. ;P

Well basically that. I'm very happy with my schedule now. Not too much of commitments, more flexi this year. I actually rejected a new student. The old lady request for a 5days tuition for her grandson. When I first got the call I was like wooooooaahhh, Imma make good money this year! I've asked around for a good fees to charge, and totally excited about it. And as I was considering it, I slowly realized that it might just be a trap.

The devil is always good at this. 

If I were to take this student, I'm definitely gonna be so tied down. I admit I was blinded by the money I'm getting. Later I prayed about it, I decided to let it go. I'm sure having it will totally affect my studies, my free time, my ministry, my spiritual life and so on. Yeah I want to save money, I want to help my parents, I want to bless people. But who am I to earn money now? God wants me to be a student and my job is to study.

I'm thankful I wasn't falling into the trap, and I'm seriously happy with my schedule now.
I find that the joy wouldn't stop flowing. =)

I don't want to be the easily-irritated Joey last year.

I want to be the best Joey for God this year!

Hey there darling Patrick, 
can you teleport and tell me..

what is he doing now? ;)

Miss you,
♥ Jo

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