Jan 30, 2012

at 10:01 PM

Her. ^__^

Some words to this particular person :
Thou I know you might not read this. Or maybe you will. :D
Friendship was never a big deal to me since young. Yep they indeed are important. But knowing that people come, people go, I don't take friendship bigger than any other matter. Just a note to appreciate you for being part of my life since 8 years ago! Haha me sounding like a grandma again!
Nywayz, I find no words to actually describe our relationship.

But just a way to express,
I see you more than a normal girl friend.
I see you more than a schoolmate.
I see you more than one of the longest friends I have.
I see you more than a heart-to-heart talk friend.
I see you more than a close buddy.
I see you more than a sister in Christ.

Don't worry, I'm straight. xp

This post wasn't planned. Out of a sudden I got into this flashback mode and things came to me like they're rewinding by their own. I won't speak much. For some things are meant to be kept to ourselves.

You know almost everything I'm going thru, but not everything in detailed.
Things never really changed between us. Even when we lost touch for a period of time, we always come back again like we're talking everyday. This kind of friendship, isn't much a friendship to me. More like a lifestyle.

I don't have to tell you I appreciate you all the time. 
And I don't think you expect anything like that.
But once in a while, I can't help it but to say,

I really love you lehhh sakaiii....!





♥ Jo

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