Jan 9, 2012

at 9:51 PM

I'm still young. =p

Today cross-country practice. Weather was awesome.
Haha, praise God. =p

Process was cool, I was the first form-6 to reach, according to Ann.
muahaha. I still have the stamina! not bad hor?
Now I only pray nobody will ask me to run for the school.
I wasn't quite sure how many km was that, but I used 25mins.

For the following 3 practices, sorry school, me not staying.

After the running I offered my friend a lift home who lives at Seremban 3.
I thought I know the road lols. I thought. But truth was otherwise.
I didn't know how but suddenly I realized I was on the road to PD toll.
Luckily there was a turn to Mambau.
Still, no idea where I was, I got panicked, and continued driving till I saw a roundabout.

Thank goodness! I took a turn back and kept looking for signboard.
I was 2 secs late when I saw the Seremban arrow and actually reversed my car.
Heh, got a few horns thou. =p

Somehow I found my way home, ohohoho. And yes I'm proud of it. xD

'Remember this road I showed you last time?'
'Don't ask me, you know I'm bad at directions.'
'...o.o..true story.'


I really wish I could be more independent.

Random 2: 
Was fooling around and randomly asked mom to huggg me. 
Gosh it was so warm.
Mommy hugged me.
After so many years.


Cutiee, I'm in love with you.

♥ Jo

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