Jan 8, 2012

at 6:11 PM


First weekend of school.
Everything is good so far. But being a monitor isn't easy at all.
There were even a few times that I forgot to 'class stand' when teacher entered. xD

Now I understand why people say 'you'll get bored of driving one day'..Today I drove my bro to tuition, drove sister to work, drove to church. Then 2 hours later drove back home to fetch mum, drove bro from tuition, drove to family store, and drove home. 小白兔must be very tired le ;( *sayang~

Now since I have less number of students, I have time for afternoon nap everyday. ;D
Cool right! But this following week is gonna kill me.
Cross-Country or Merentas Desa this year will be held earlier.
And even worse, they want us to be in school 3.30pm to 6pm for practice next week.
Not one day, but four.

Crazy. I'm not so free to entertain the school.
Who would wanna go school and allow the sun to torture for 2 and a half hours when you have better things to do at home? Who would need to practice RUNNING? at that hour? -.-..... Let's hope there would be rain. Anyway, I will still go, as an act of being obedient. Good girl kononnye. Tehheee =O

This year, I must make good use of my Sundays.
Despite the new students coming in next month on Sunday, these are the things I will do every Sunday. =)

-wake latest by 9am
-complete homework of the week (repeat: 'of the week') =p
-cut fingernail
-wash clothes
-clean room
-tetris! *evillaughs
-practice guitar
-be happy no matter what. (just in case the week has been hectic)
-eat at least one chocolate bar. (just did.)
-read bible (just in case I did not read for the whole week)
-sleep before 12am.

Luke 1:37, " For with God nothing shall be impossible."


♥ Jo

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