Jan 16, 2012

at 4:37 PM

Totally random.

Today skipped cross-country practice. Feeling a lil guilty. =x

But apart from that, my mind is totally on a relax mode.
Somebody tried to hang me up by pressing me about STPM.
Aishyehh, rilek laaa, January ONLY mah. =p

I had this mindset since form4. 
I did my last minute as usual.
It's not good.
But yet I pulled through.

Miracle sial.

I can't guarantee miracles will happen again.
So this year I'mma start being serious earlier. Maybe by June.

I smelled heavy rain.
Very soon.
The strong wind outside now really soothes me.
Ahh life...

I don't know why, but I'm thinking so much at the moment.
And that's why the title.

♥ Jo


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