Jan 18, 2012

at 5:55 PM

Turn Around. what do you see?

Cross-country today. For real this time. Lol :D
Weird enough, they actually chose people to run for cross-country. Cuz I thought it was a school event so everyone has to take part. I did not go for practice 2 days ago and therefore I wasn't in the list. But cut the long story short, I got to run in the end. o.o

Journey was 8km, I heard. (it used to be 6km last time in bukit mewah. T_T)
Well despite that, I got 3rd place for the run. =))
Proud of myself, proud of my God. :D
We had 2 up-hills and 3 long straight roads. Mind you, the sun was burning.
The bronze medal I got isn't very great, but what made me happy most was the spirit I got. xD
Didn't know after 2 years, my stamina still remained.

Last night my lil bro prayed for me bout this. And I guess God heard him.
Thx for ur prayer little one. =)

Today I did not drive to school.
After much consideration, decided to take bus home with a friend.
The 'yellow bus', that's how we used to call it.

Along the journey I saw things that made me think.
I saw old ladies chasing after the bus until they almost fell down.
I saw small children taking bus home after school, all by themselves.
I saw a lady with her hunched back trying to grab the bus handle.
I saw a driver that drives all day on the same roads, to the same places.

I'm so blessed. =)

It took me 1 hour+ to reach home.
The moment I got home, the electricity went off.
After sweating for 30mins, my fans started moving again.
After one long shower, finally had my lunch around 4pm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you remember, I had an entry that talked about a teacher.
Just in case you wanna read, it's Here ...
Dang it, today she complained about me to my form teacher.
After so long, she still remembered me.
Lol. I must have gave her a bad bad impression.

Anyway, I'm not angry.
After all, I have no faults.
But please lah teacher, don't be like a kid that talk behind people's back.
You aren't satisfied with me, come and confront me.

Last year in high school. I will be good.

I think. =)

♥ Jo


奇泪儿 said...

oi, 8km is for guys lah.
girls 5km only.

the teacher,
I know!

very LC!

1st day school,
chase us to other class...
and very kedekut when we used her broom...
"saya beli punya"
like an aunt ==
beh tahan her!

MidnightGurl said...

hahah ya meh, 3 km of difference! @@

ya super beh song her one..
macam auntie... =.='


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