Feb 24, 2012

at 11:13 PM

You know what...I kinda miss you.

Good news: I'm finally starting to do my revision. ^______^
(I'm soooo not gonna start another novel until test is over!)

note: Short post this time.

- Supposedly the project is done by now, but because of my lack of efficiency..well.
- I went Yong Taufu today. It was sooo long since I last had it. Awesome.
- Birthdays coming up. ohcrapiforgot!!!!!!
- I've decided to. Buy a laptop!
- Totally unprepared for the coming test.
- Can't wait for Langkawi Trip :D
- Gonna write the best essay ever. Soon! *syoksendiri
- Gonna do the best survey next saturday.
- Gonna get new business tomorrow! muahaha.
- Gonna start planning for things. Tons of plans. Tons of them. Tons.
- I dreamed of something I never want to dream of.
- It's really awkward, to have treated somebody like they never exist.
- You know what? I seriously do not want things to be like this.
- But you know what? You asked for it.
- And you know what....I kinda miss you.

Giving myself, until end of March. And everything, shall go to a higher level.


Abit lost.
Crap. So random.

Feb 23, 2012

at 12:39 AM

I have to. I just have to.

I'm losing my breathe.
Oh God..

It's quite late now and I find it surprising myself that I have this urge to blog. Lols. Loads to tell, loads to blurt. I have to clear the blockage off my mind before I get on bed tonight. End of story.

This morning we had some speaker coming from somewhere quite far. Well he claimed that himself, I don't know where cause I wasn't paying much attention. I was so drawn to my novel until his voice was barely audible. The only moment I looked up was when people started to laugh, and I tried to blend in, whenever and however i could. Other than that, I looked up when he stopped speaking, and that's when he played some videos.  I have to admit, he's pretty good with that, you know, to get people's attention when they are being distracted or something. xD

Anyway, my point wasn't much on that. The seminar lasted for about an hour plus. I was reading my novel all the way. And guess what, I finished the whole book by this afternoon when I was home. Amazing right, I never once read THAT much a day. Something new. Not bad. HEHEHEEEEEs.

Today I didn't sleep in class. Oh yay.
Not because I have endless of energy. But because lessons were too packed and overwhelmed until I had no time to even digest them. Sigh, not so 'yay' after all. =.= Then when it comes to the last 2 periods, we were asked to do some graphs. Teacher timed us, and I was really serious about it. =x First i formed the table, then I picked up all the important details and highlighted them. I filled them in the table, calculating, slipped a graph paper out. I kept checking on my watch, to see if I'm catching up. I started to draw my graph, half way thru, teacher walked around to check on us. I kept hearing her correcting and explaining to my other classmates. Then she walked pass me. For no reason I got a lil nervous. Lol. She checked my work, and walked away without a word. I sensed a slight lift at the corner of my lips. 'I must be doing it all right. =)' I was smiling to myself, thinking, amused.

10minutes later, my graph was almost done. I stopped awhile and took a lil breathe, glancing at my friend's work next to me. She glanced back, and was like, 'what are you doing??' O_O... I went all blank, and something happened in between. Cut the story short, teacher banned my graph! D;

Just received a phone call, 
and in less than 2 mins, 
it actually made me feel so much better. Aww. ;)

Right, so come back to the story, I was too dead to speak. She banned my graph, without telling me earlier. Her excuse was this: 'Kalau I bagi tau pun, you mesti degil punya..' What a lame excuse, she must be picking on me....T__T And she actually giggled. What the... Anyway, if she told me earlier, I could have rubbed it away, cause it was only pencil-sketch. Dang, must she tell me after I do ALL the labeling?

Very good, she asked me to do another one. A new one. I was half pissed, half puzzled. Must she do that to me?? I was really serious about the graph, and she's doing tht to me.... T____T Sigh, I can't help but to complain. I mumbled to myself too long I think, then there she came with 'kenapa ju yee...marah ke? Sabar lah.' Instantly my mind snapped. Right, patience needed. A test, yeah it must be. Then slowly, my frustration turned out to be quite positive, thinking that it was her way to make me learn. Great thou, I learned a lesson, always ask before I do. In the end, after the lessons were ended, I managed a smile to her (or not) and bid her goodbye. 'Bye cikgu.' For good.

And here comes the interesting part. (I seriously hope, hope hope that mum won't read this.) I was kinda...urm..okay I don't want to say it. But I almost got myself into accident when I drove home. Sigh. I was cutting some cars in front along the fly over, as usual. And signaling, to do a tricky (quite) change of lane. Out of a sudden, a stupid, little, ugly, boring, MOSQUITO appeared from nowhere. Seriously, NOWHERE. And I got shocked. Loosing my grip on the steering wheel, I made a slight turn.

Now let's imagine. Along a fly over. With a queue of cars passing thru. Switching lane, or in other word, cutting queue. And in middle of the road, mosquito appears in the car and blocked your view. (How does it even block me I don't know) but anyway, it freaks me and I almost, ALMOST banged the car in front of me. It was very close, just a few inches away! Too close I almost get traumatized. LOL. Syiaks I'm really exaggerating this. 

But when I stabled myself again, I thanked God instantly. Remembered how I prayed for protection before I went to school this morning. God heard me. He did. It was sooo scary. I imagined myself crashing in the car, and all that could possibly happened. Again, I thanked God. =)

So came back home, I spent the whole afternoon with my novel. And I didn't get to take a nap. Went for tuition later, and it was a long journey back home. I somehow went through my homework, did what I could, and stopped about an hour ago. I have questions for the questions. Whatever it is, I'm leaving that for tomorrow. Seriously drained today.

Oh my, I thought I was supposed to be typing my kolokium work.

Ahh forget it laaaaaa, I need to sleep now.
Thanks Blogspot. 
You're still capable of doing me this favor. 
To listen, to every detail. =)

It's already 12:30am.
Arghhh, give me a break!

Feb 21, 2012

at 3:35 PM

A Lil A Day.

Having a second bowl of rice. *evil laughs.

Mother always says I waste her money. On food.
There's always the input, but never the output.
Anyway, I'm a big eater, just so you know. :D

'Next time, one meal would be enough, you know we both love food.'

Like! Bahaaa.

I have a project this week, and deadline is this Friday.
Half done. Or maybe more than half, thanks to somebody lol.
I've sacrificed much, so you better don't complain. Hehe..
I hope everything goes well in the end. Shall share in my next post. ^_^

I'm starting to think that I'm having a good life. Form 6, that is.
Thou the work seems never ending, but somehow I'm enjoying the process.
So it's the lovehate feeling. o_O
But still, God has never failed to show me His ways, His purposes.

There's something I want to declare before I end this post..



I have time to play, no time to study. 

What logic is that.

You should know by now, I'm nobody great.

Feb 17, 2012

at 4:01 PM

Love is in the air~

14th Feb was normal.
In fact it was quite bad.

Came back late. Not enough sleep. Students didn't learn their spelling.
No time for homework. Bla bla.

But anyway, I got this. :D

Lima biji, from 3 different people.
Thanks! Loves.

But 15th Feb was a total opposite.
I didn't know I would be able to even celebrate valentine's day.
Thou it's 1 day later.
Didn't know you would be willing, to come all the way for me. =)

And, thx for the lil surprise. *winks

Seriously, first bouquet ever.

Sorry, I'm never good with flowers. =x
I hope they last longer.

And I'm falling a lil in love with them.

Why you so cute?



Was dead tired these few days. Gotta get some rest before another week comes. Also, I promised myself, to start revision next Monday! Hopefully I can tahan for the next 3 weeks till exam ends. xD Never knew teachers can be soooo diligent. 1hour and 20mins for each lesson seems to be a lil too short for them. They normally leave 5mins later, and within the next min, before I could keep my books, another teacher enters. Form6 life. I have no comment. And what's even worse, they'd be hoping for empty periods, so they could continue. I'm not sure to state it occupied, or a total torture.

Geog teacher was on leave both yesterday and today. One glance over the class, you can see all sorts of gadgets. iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Camera. Everybody is soo busy with techs. And all that I have..

Was this.

Sad, sad life.



Last but not least.
List of committees for MPP was out 2 days ago.
I made it!
Thanks for the votes.


Yet again, taking another step ahead.

Feb 12, 2012

at 12:39 PM

The right path.

I opened the fridge. And something triggered my memories.
I haven't seen or heard an answer from God.
Or maybe I was dwelling too much till I'm blinded.
I used to have 2 favorite songs to play on my guitar.
But no matter how hard I try, I just can't perfect them.

For this particular song. It was hard to learn, hard to remember.
There were times where I could play so well.
And then suddenly I plucked the wrong string.
It was almost perfect. Then I gave up. I put my guitar back to where I took it.
Days later I missed playing that song, so again, I played. But again, I got bored.

For another song. It was so sweet to hear, easier to learn.
I got addicted to the melody, practiced so hard, just to master the change of chords.
I got adapted to the melody, fell in love with the song, and it plays in my mind every single day.
Whenever I searched my memory folder for songs, this song, will always be the first to pop out.
Slowly, I have forgotten the other song. Forgotten how hard I learned to remember that song.

Nobody wants the narrow way.
But it's always the narrow way that leads you to success.
I'm stuck here. The road I'm taking, is neither broad, nor is it narrow.
I was stepping into the broad way, then I saw red light, and I took a turn to the narrow.
It was too hard for me, I couldn't stand the circumstances, I missed the comfortable feeling on the other side. So now..again I'm stepping to the broad.

I need to stand strong. I need God.

'No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.'
1 Corinthians 10:13 

Feb 10, 2012

at 11:42 AM


Press '0' to 'ponteng'.


School's having gotong-royong today, I'm allergic to dust mites. Well, not very serious, but that can make me scratch for the whole morning. Lol, and obvious enough I'm giving excuses. xD It's nice to sleep till this late thou. *evil laughs

I blog to release, and it has already became part of me.
Whether people read or not, that's beside the point.
But sometimes, my wish is for God to speak to people through my blog.
Not all the time, of course.
Not like I'm a very good writer nor encourager nor very positive nor whatsoever.
Lol so I hope my blog doesn't mislead anybody. :D

I'm currently reading this 'Remember Me?' by Sophie Kinsella.
Quite a nice story, but it has bad words inside!
Urgh, disappointed.

The moon these days really impressed me a lot.
Heard somebody said that this moon only comes out this big in every 38years. Well, people can say anything like that. I can also say only lucky people can see the moon this big otherwise the sky would be cloudy and you unlucky people can never see it. LOL crap. that's very lame xD But whether or not it comes out 38years later, that doesn't matter, I only wish I could have a good quality camera. Because each time I take out my phone to snap it, it only comes out looking like a streetlight. Nothing else. In the end I gave up, and treasure my chances to stare at it, instead of snapping like a despo fella. Heh.

Well, deep down my heart. The reason why the moon means soo much to me, is because it symbolizes something. Something that I would hold on to until the very end of the day. Something immortal.

Now, I can't wait till STPM is over.

P/s: Valentines' Day is coming, love is in the air~ ;D

P/s 2:  So what it's valentines' day? there's no holiday.

I'm still a student, so I will be one that I'm suppose to be.
I believe, things will be great in the future.

This is what I meant, baby.

One step, at a time.

for  an answer.

Feb 5, 2012

at 8:47 PM


Today is mummy's birthday. =)
To make this year a lil different, I actually composed a song for her!
Simple melody, simple chords, a song like any other songs which consists of verse, pre-chorus, chorus and ending. I can tell from her face that she's impressed. (muahaha so perasan) Btw it's in multi-language. ;)
Hope you really like it. I love you mom. =)

Good thing school starts on Wednesday! Cuz my homework is stacking up. Ohh sigh speaking of homework, test is coming also. Teacher said we have one more month to get ready. This time I hope I'll have enough determination. Weeee!

I totally believe God has His ways for me.
Whatever I'm going thru, He is with me.
So why worry Joey?
People will appreciate you if they value you.
So don't expect too much from others.


Say NO to open burning!!
sigh, just weeks ago they cleaned up this place.
And yesterday people throw again, even worse, they burn'em this time.

Today I drove pass this place again.
I saw a car parked at the side of the road, and a man was bending down.
I was wearing sunglasses, so couldn't really see what he was doing.
And as I drove closer and took a better look,
syiaks he was throwing bags after bags of rubbish!
I was sooo pissed until I horned him loud.
Yes, loud enough for him to turn around.
As he did, I threw my hand up at him.

You lucky old man.
If I saw you earlier, I would have stopped behind you and take picture.
Or IF my car has that button to wind down my window,
rather than having to do it manually,
I would shout at you like mad.
Like MAD.

*breathes in, out..

Seriously, I always wanted to find out who threw those rubbish.
This time, I missed the chance.



Is interesting.
Lol. I was driving home from school.
And this biggie big bus turned into the road in front of my school.
A very narrow road.
It blocked my way and in the end I had to take another junction.

Viva versus BiggieBus.
I lose. xD



I hope I've spent my voucher wise enough. 
Anyway almost half of it went to my brother and sister.
Doesn't matter, I got these items for free!



I don't want to be jealous anymore!

I won't.
I think. 



♥ Jo

Feb 2, 2012

at 5:06 PM


Time is seriously catching up. 
So far I'm good with school works. Praise God. =)) Finally done reading the novel Reunion. I used to spam read last 2 years, until last year when I got busy, I stopped reading and left it untouched. Till January, I continued reading and finally finished it today. x) 

Gawd, I seriously is craving for more of Karen Kingsbury's series. I read 3 of her books, and none of'em failed me! Christian novels are always so different hmm? =) Nyways her books really touched me. Each and every pages were full of life. Thanks Ekey...( that's if you're reading this hehehhe) I promise I'll return to you the next time i meet you! Guess you've forgotten bout the book already. =p

It's 5pm in the evening and my room looked like it's 8pm at night.
And allow me to go....... 'Raindrops keep falling on my head~ ' hehe  x)
Goshh I seriously love it when it's raining. Why ar?....
Doesn't matter, I'm now huggin my bolster and enjoying the scent of the rain.
And allowin my mind to wander off.

Thunder is getting scarier.
Better off, loves!

♥ Jo

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