Feb 2, 2012

at 5:06 PM


Time is seriously catching up. 
So far I'm good with school works. Praise God. =)) Finally done reading the novel Reunion. I used to spam read last 2 years, until last year when I got busy, I stopped reading and left it untouched. Till January, I continued reading and finally finished it today. x) 

Gawd, I seriously is craving for more of Karen Kingsbury's series. I read 3 of her books, and none of'em failed me! Christian novels are always so different hmm? =) Nyways her books really touched me. Each and every pages were full of life. Thanks Ekey...( that's if you're reading this hehehhe) I promise I'll return to you the next time i meet you! Guess you've forgotten bout the book already. =p

It's 5pm in the evening and my room looked like it's 8pm at night.
And allow me to go....... 'Raindrops keep falling on my head~ ' hehe  x)
Goshh I seriously love it when it's raining. Why ar?....
Doesn't matter, I'm now huggin my bolster and enjoying the scent of the rain.
And allowin my mind to wander off.

Thunder is getting scarier.
Better off, loves!

♥ Jo

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