Feb 5, 2012

at 8:47 PM


Today is mummy's birthday. =)
To make this year a lil different, I actually composed a song for her!
Simple melody, simple chords, a song like any other songs which consists of verse, pre-chorus, chorus and ending. I can tell from her face that she's impressed. (muahaha so perasan) Btw it's in multi-language. ;)
Hope you really like it. I love you mom. =)

Good thing school starts on Wednesday! Cuz my homework is stacking up. Ohh sigh speaking of homework, test is coming also. Teacher said we have one more month to get ready. This time I hope I'll have enough determination. Weeee!

I totally believe God has His ways for me.
Whatever I'm going thru, He is with me.
So why worry Joey?
People will appreciate you if they value you.
So don't expect too much from others.


Say NO to open burning!!
sigh, just weeks ago they cleaned up this place.
And yesterday people throw again, even worse, they burn'em this time.

Today I drove pass this place again.
I saw a car parked at the side of the road, and a man was bending down.
I was wearing sunglasses, so couldn't really see what he was doing.
And as I drove closer and took a better look,
syiaks he was throwing bags after bags of rubbish!
I was sooo pissed until I horned him loud.
Yes, loud enough for him to turn around.
As he did, I threw my hand up at him.

You lucky old man.
If I saw you earlier, I would have stopped behind you and take picture.
Or IF my car has that button to wind down my window,
rather than having to do it manually,
I would shout at you like mad.
Like MAD.

*breathes in, out..

Seriously, I always wanted to find out who threw those rubbish.
This time, I missed the chance.



Is interesting.
Lol. I was driving home from school.
And this biggie big bus turned into the road in front of my school.
A very narrow road.
It blocked my way and in the end I had to take another junction.

Viva versus BiggieBus.
I lose. xD



I hope I've spent my voucher wise enough. 
Anyway almost half of it went to my brother and sister.
Doesn't matter, I got these items for free!



I don't want to be jealous anymore!

I won't.
I think. 



♥ Jo


Chea Ru Yen said...

Cool! I seriously love it when you horned that man...SERIOUS...these ppl need some telling off else they'll never realize XD LOL

MidnightGurl said...

hahaha yooosh supporter! =p exactly, hate those who're so selfish!


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