Feb 24, 2012

at 11:13 PM

You know what...I kinda miss you.

Good news: I'm finally starting to do my revision. ^______^
(I'm soooo not gonna start another novel until test is over!)

note: Short post this time.

- Supposedly the project is done by now, but because of my lack of efficiency..well.
- I went Yong Taufu today. It was sooo long since I last had it. Awesome.
- Birthdays coming up. ohcrapiforgot!!!!!!
- I've decided to. Buy a laptop!
- Totally unprepared for the coming test.
- Can't wait for Langkawi Trip :D
- Gonna write the best essay ever. Soon! *syoksendiri
- Gonna do the best survey next saturday.
- Gonna get new business tomorrow! muahaha.
- Gonna start planning for things. Tons of plans. Tons of them. Tons.
- I dreamed of something I never want to dream of.
- It's really awkward, to have treated somebody like they never exist.
- You know what? I seriously do not want things to be like this.
- But you know what? You asked for it.
- And you know what....I kinda miss you.

Giving myself, until end of March. And everything, shall go to a higher level.


Abit lost.
Crap. So random.

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