Feb 23, 2012

at 12:39 AM

I have to. I just have to.

I'm losing my breathe.
Oh God..

It's quite late now and I find it surprising myself that I have this urge to blog. Lols. Loads to tell, loads to blurt. I have to clear the blockage off my mind before I get on bed tonight. End of story.

This morning we had some speaker coming from somewhere quite far. Well he claimed that himself, I don't know where cause I wasn't paying much attention. I was so drawn to my novel until his voice was barely audible. The only moment I looked up was when people started to laugh, and I tried to blend in, whenever and however i could. Other than that, I looked up when he stopped speaking, and that's when he played some videos.  I have to admit, he's pretty good with that, you know, to get people's attention when they are being distracted or something. xD

Anyway, my point wasn't much on that. The seminar lasted for about an hour plus. I was reading my novel all the way. And guess what, I finished the whole book by this afternoon when I was home. Amazing right, I never once read THAT much a day. Something new. Not bad. HEHEHEEEEEs.

Today I didn't sleep in class. Oh yay.
Not because I have endless of energy. But because lessons were too packed and overwhelmed until I had no time to even digest them. Sigh, not so 'yay' after all. =.= Then when it comes to the last 2 periods, we were asked to do some graphs. Teacher timed us, and I was really serious about it. =x First i formed the table, then I picked up all the important details and highlighted them. I filled them in the table, calculating, slipped a graph paper out. I kept checking on my watch, to see if I'm catching up. I started to draw my graph, half way thru, teacher walked around to check on us. I kept hearing her correcting and explaining to my other classmates. Then she walked pass me. For no reason I got a lil nervous. Lol. She checked my work, and walked away without a word. I sensed a slight lift at the corner of my lips. 'I must be doing it all right. =)' I was smiling to myself, thinking, amused.

10minutes later, my graph was almost done. I stopped awhile and took a lil breathe, glancing at my friend's work next to me. She glanced back, and was like, 'what are you doing??' O_O... I went all blank, and something happened in between. Cut the story short, teacher banned my graph! D;

Just received a phone call, 
and in less than 2 mins, 
it actually made me feel so much better. Aww. ;)

Right, so come back to the story, I was too dead to speak. She banned my graph, without telling me earlier. Her excuse was this: 'Kalau I bagi tau pun, you mesti degil punya..' What a lame excuse, she must be picking on me....T__T And she actually giggled. What the... Anyway, if she told me earlier, I could have rubbed it away, cause it was only pencil-sketch. Dang, must she tell me after I do ALL the labeling?

Very good, she asked me to do another one. A new one. I was half pissed, half puzzled. Must she do that to me?? I was really serious about the graph, and she's doing tht to me.... T____T Sigh, I can't help but to complain. I mumbled to myself too long I think, then there she came with 'kenapa ju yee...marah ke? Sabar lah.' Instantly my mind snapped. Right, patience needed. A test, yeah it must be. Then slowly, my frustration turned out to be quite positive, thinking that it was her way to make me learn. Great thou, I learned a lesson, always ask before I do. In the end, after the lessons were ended, I managed a smile to her (or not) and bid her goodbye. 'Bye cikgu.' For good.

And here comes the interesting part. (I seriously hope, hope hope that mum won't read this.) I was kinda...urm..okay I don't want to say it. But I almost got myself into accident when I drove home. Sigh. I was cutting some cars in front along the fly over, as usual. And signaling, to do a tricky (quite) change of lane. Out of a sudden, a stupid, little, ugly, boring, MOSQUITO appeared from nowhere. Seriously, NOWHERE. And I got shocked. Loosing my grip on the steering wheel, I made a slight turn.

Now let's imagine. Along a fly over. With a queue of cars passing thru. Switching lane, or in other word, cutting queue. And in middle of the road, mosquito appears in the car and blocked your view. (How does it even block me I don't know) but anyway, it freaks me and I almost, ALMOST banged the car in front of me. It was very close, just a few inches away! Too close I almost get traumatized. LOL. Syiaks I'm really exaggerating this. 

But when I stabled myself again, I thanked God instantly. Remembered how I prayed for protection before I went to school this morning. God heard me. He did. It was sooo scary. I imagined myself crashing in the car, and all that could possibly happened. Again, I thanked God. =)

So came back home, I spent the whole afternoon with my novel. And I didn't get to take a nap. Went for tuition later, and it was a long journey back home. I somehow went through my homework, did what I could, and stopped about an hour ago. I have questions for the questions. Whatever it is, I'm leaving that for tomorrow. Seriously drained today.

Oh my, I thought I was supposed to be typing my kolokium work.

Ahh forget it laaaaaa, I need to sleep now.
Thanks Blogspot. 
You're still capable of doing me this favor. 
To listen, to every detail. =)

It's already 12:30am.
Arghhh, give me a break!

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