Feb 17, 2012

at 4:01 PM

Love is in the air~

14th Feb was normal.
In fact it was quite bad.

Came back late. Not enough sleep. Students didn't learn their spelling.
No time for homework. Bla bla.

But anyway, I got this. :D

Lima biji, from 3 different people.
Thanks! Loves.

But 15th Feb was a total opposite.
I didn't know I would be able to even celebrate valentine's day.
Thou it's 1 day later.
Didn't know you would be willing, to come all the way for me. =)

And, thx for the lil surprise. *winks

Seriously, first bouquet ever.

Sorry, I'm never good with flowers. =x
I hope they last longer.

And I'm falling a lil in love with them.

Why you so cute?



Was dead tired these few days. Gotta get some rest before another week comes. Also, I promised myself, to start revision next Monday! Hopefully I can tahan for the next 3 weeks till exam ends. xD Never knew teachers can be soooo diligent. 1hour and 20mins for each lesson seems to be a lil too short for them. They normally leave 5mins later, and within the next min, before I could keep my books, another teacher enters. Form6 life. I have no comment. And what's even worse, they'd be hoping for empty periods, so they could continue. I'm not sure to state it occupied, or a total torture.

Geog teacher was on leave both yesterday and today. One glance over the class, you can see all sorts of gadgets. iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Camera. Everybody is soo busy with techs. And all that I have..

Was this.

Sad, sad life.



Last but not least.
List of committees for MPP was out 2 days ago.
I made it!
Thanks for the votes.


Yet again, taking another step ahead.

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