Feb 10, 2012

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School's having gotong-royong today, I'm allergic to dust mites. Well, not very serious, but that can make me scratch for the whole morning. Lol, and obvious enough I'm giving excuses. xD It's nice to sleep till this late thou. *evil laughs

I blog to release, and it has already became part of me.
Whether people read or not, that's beside the point.
But sometimes, my wish is for God to speak to people through my blog.
Not all the time, of course.
Not like I'm a very good writer nor encourager nor very positive nor whatsoever.
Lol so I hope my blog doesn't mislead anybody. :D

I'm currently reading this 'Remember Me?' by Sophie Kinsella.
Quite a nice story, but it has bad words inside!
Urgh, disappointed.

The moon these days really impressed me a lot.
Heard somebody said that this moon only comes out this big in every 38years. Well, people can say anything like that. I can also say only lucky people can see the moon this big otherwise the sky would be cloudy and you unlucky people can never see it. LOL crap. that's very lame xD But whether or not it comes out 38years later, that doesn't matter, I only wish I could have a good quality camera. Because each time I take out my phone to snap it, it only comes out looking like a streetlight. Nothing else. In the end I gave up, and treasure my chances to stare at it, instead of snapping like a despo fella. Heh.

Well, deep down my heart. The reason why the moon means soo much to me, is because it symbolizes something. Something that I would hold on to until the very end of the day. Something immortal.

Now, I can't wait till STPM is over.

P/s: Valentines' Day is coming, love is in the air~ ;D

P/s 2:  So what it's valentines' day? there's no holiday.

I'm still a student, so I will be one that I'm suppose to be.
I believe, things will be great in the future.

This is what I meant, baby.

One step, at a time.

for  an answer.

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