Mar 30, 2012

at 2:08 PM

A God that provides. =)

I believe every family has their own issues. I've heard so many.
Sometime when people are complaining to me about their family members, I can't help it but to be really thankful to God for my own family.
I don't have the perfect family, nor do I have a perfect life.
Each time I start to complain, I tend to forget how blessed I am.
To have what I have now, as compare to those less fortunate people.

I'm right at the cliff now, no idea how to go on.
I've planned everything so perfectly, but now it all seemed so impossible.
When I got the bad news, I almost wanted to give up, to stop hoping.
I took an hour, to digest it.
Surprisingly, my anxiety started to fade, and I felt the peace from above.

He has better plans for me, I am sure of this much. :)
Last night and this morning, I whispered the same prayer to God.

'Dear Lord, You are the God who provides, and I will put my faith in You.'

Right after school today, he answered me.
I am so blessed. So blessed.

And the highlight of this entire post, is to the one and only God.

My God, my awesome Father from above.

P/s: Something interesting to share in my next post. x)!

You are so Faithful.

Mar 28, 2012

at 11:38 PM

Somebody help.

Finally kolokium is done! At least I've presented today.
I spent one whole night to prepare a presentation which lasted not more than 5mins.
What's more, the marks ain't important at all. Only a figure to show how much work you've done and how much effort you've put in.
Waste of time. Total waste of time.
I ended up being a walking zombie the whole day in school. I couldn't get a sngle thing teacher was teaching. Sigh! Condition of the day: Terrible, Horrible, and VEGETABLE!
I'm so not gonna do the correction. I mean, who cares?

Gah. Fed up.

I have so many other stuff to do, yet I'm procrastinating.
All thanks to kolokium.

I have this essay entry that I'm supposed to be doing instead of blogging.
Deadline = this friday.
I'm only half way done, and sadly I have lost my determination. =(
i-Pad wehh...owh sigh...

Why so many presentations.
Why form6 so many things to do.
Why so troublesome oh!

I want to shout out so loud so loud.

Just today, I was telling my friends.
I will start studying in April.
Well, we shall see.



Mar 25, 2012

at 1:37 AM

It all happened for His purposes.

Seriously, everything came just at the right time, the same time.
I might be wrong, but as I see it, that's just the perfect timing.
Right person, right mood.

Thank you Lord. That's all I could say, and I mean it with ALL my heart.
Really. =)
I ain't sure with the next thing to do. So many things are contradicting.
But still God, You never fail to show me plan B!

I know You too little, too little to have seen Your goodness.
Everything is in Your hand, I don't want to make false assumption again.
Please God, if I fail plan B, guide me to the best plan.
One that I can cope, one that I can use to glorify Your name.

I don't need it to tell me things again, God you know it WILL NOT work.
Instead, results will be the other way round, or even worse.

Oh man, Jesus is awesome.
And I'm totally giving my life to Him!


You know too little.
Full stop.

Mar 23, 2012

at 4:11 PM


Woopsie, it seems like I've abandoned Bloggie. =x

3 weeks ago was my monthly test. Just the test itself has torn me into pieces. D; Gladly, results are quite stunning. x)! Well at least that's what I thought HAHA. Yet sadly, today I heard that the others also did quite good for this round. Hmm, so competitive! Hope for my placing to improve. At least a bit. =p

Along these 2 weeks so many has happened.
I started back to play friends for sale. Goshhh it was so addictive. But thank God I still manage to control, I think. haha. So last week was our break after test, for one week. I went for 2 trips one shot. Cool max!
First it was my youth CIA camp. I missed going camps with'em! They're one bunch of sweet&cute people. Always love to be with brothers n sisters in Christ! =) Had lots of fun and not to mention those inevitable body aches. Lawls. Right on the next day, with bruises and all my aches, me and my geog class went all the way to Langkawi for research purposes. Well that was the initial intention. It turned out to be a holiday trip. =.=' Made us quite emo thou! Gahhh. But all the fun we had spelled awesome. Glad to have an unexpected guest at the last minute. :D 350bucks. Worth it.

I would love to have my teachers define the word 'holiday'. Why are we given holiday or a break after exam? Because it's time to take a break! Duh. But it seems like everyone has misinterpret the word. Teachers give schoolwork, students rush schoolwork. Legit enough. But if it's a holiday work, then it's not very reasonable after all, isn't it? T__T  Fun first, stress later, that's what happened to my one week holiday. Even until today, those works has never ended since then. The infinite stress. Sadden.

Just these few days, I have been slacking, for some reason I Don't Want To explain.
Hoping for the best. His will, not my will.
But it sounds so shallow, who could have done that with their own strength? None.
So, I'm laying them ALL down.

Sorry Lord, I was so, wrong.

When can I smile better?
LOL =.=

never allow it to happen.

Mar 4, 2012

at 8:46 PM









一堆书, 一个脑

一杯咖啡, 应该帮得上忙吧


Mar 2, 2012

at 11:30 PM


Status : Going Crazy.

Exam's next week.
Revision 10% done.
Today's performance was terrible.
I'm dead tired.
I'm broke.

I'm in bad state.
Very bad. =(

Gonna cut hair soon.

For once, I'm pretty negative.

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