Mar 30, 2012

at 2:08 PM

A God that provides. =)

I believe every family has their own issues. I've heard so many.
Sometime when people are complaining to me about their family members, I can't help it but to be really thankful to God for my own family.
I don't have the perfect family, nor do I have a perfect life.
Each time I start to complain, I tend to forget how blessed I am.
To have what I have now, as compare to those less fortunate people.

I'm right at the cliff now, no idea how to go on.
I've planned everything so perfectly, but now it all seemed so impossible.
When I got the bad news, I almost wanted to give up, to stop hoping.
I took an hour, to digest it.
Surprisingly, my anxiety started to fade, and I felt the peace from above.

He has better plans for me, I am sure of this much. :)
Last night and this morning, I whispered the same prayer to God.

'Dear Lord, You are the God who provides, and I will put my faith in You.'

Right after school today, he answered me.
I am so blessed. So blessed.

And the highlight of this entire post, is to the one and only God.

My God, my awesome Father from above.

P/s: Something interesting to share in my next post. x)!

You are so Faithful.

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