Mar 25, 2012

at 1:37 AM

It all happened for His purposes.

Seriously, everything came just at the right time, the same time.
I might be wrong, but as I see it, that's just the perfect timing.
Right person, right mood.

Thank you Lord. That's all I could say, and I mean it with ALL my heart.
Really. =)
I ain't sure with the next thing to do. So many things are contradicting.
But still God, You never fail to show me plan B!

I know You too little, too little to have seen Your goodness.
Everything is in Your hand, I don't want to make false assumption again.
Please God, if I fail plan B, guide me to the best plan.
One that I can cope, one that I can use to glorify Your name.

I don't need it to tell me things again, God you know it WILL NOT work.
Instead, results will be the other way round, or even worse.

Oh man, Jesus is awesome.
And I'm totally giving my life to Him!


You know too little.
Full stop.

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