Mar 23, 2012

at 4:11 PM


Woopsie, it seems like I've abandoned Bloggie. =x

3 weeks ago was my monthly test. Just the test itself has torn me into pieces. D; Gladly, results are quite stunning. x)! Well at least that's what I thought HAHA. Yet sadly, today I heard that the others also did quite good for this round. Hmm, so competitive! Hope for my placing to improve. At least a bit. =p

Along these 2 weeks so many has happened.
I started back to play friends for sale. Goshhh it was so addictive. But thank God I still manage to control, I think. haha. So last week was our break after test, for one week. I went for 2 trips one shot. Cool max!
First it was my youth CIA camp. I missed going camps with'em! They're one bunch of sweet&cute people. Always love to be with brothers n sisters in Christ! =) Had lots of fun and not to mention those inevitable body aches. Lawls. Right on the next day, with bruises and all my aches, me and my geog class went all the way to Langkawi for research purposes. Well that was the initial intention. It turned out to be a holiday trip. =.=' Made us quite emo thou! Gahhh. But all the fun we had spelled awesome. Glad to have an unexpected guest at the last minute. :D 350bucks. Worth it.

I would love to have my teachers define the word 'holiday'. Why are we given holiday or a break after exam? Because it's time to take a break! Duh. But it seems like everyone has misinterpret the word. Teachers give schoolwork, students rush schoolwork. Legit enough. But if it's a holiday work, then it's not very reasonable after all, isn't it? T__T  Fun first, stress later, that's what happened to my one week holiday. Even until today, those works has never ended since then. The infinite stress. Sadden.

Just these few days, I have been slacking, for some reason I Don't Want To explain.
Hoping for the best. His will, not my will.
But it sounds so shallow, who could have done that with their own strength? None.
So, I'm laying them ALL down.

Sorry Lord, I was so, wrong.

When can I smile better?
LOL =.=

never allow it to happen.

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