Mar 28, 2012

at 11:38 PM

Somebody help.

Finally kolokium is done! At least I've presented today.
I spent one whole night to prepare a presentation which lasted not more than 5mins.
What's more, the marks ain't important at all. Only a figure to show how much work you've done and how much effort you've put in.
Waste of time. Total waste of time.
I ended up being a walking zombie the whole day in school. I couldn't get a sngle thing teacher was teaching. Sigh! Condition of the day: Terrible, Horrible, and VEGETABLE!
I'm so not gonna do the correction. I mean, who cares?

Gah. Fed up.

I have so many other stuff to do, yet I'm procrastinating.
All thanks to kolokium.

I have this essay entry that I'm supposed to be doing instead of blogging.
Deadline = this friday.
I'm only half way done, and sadly I have lost my determination. =(
i-Pad wehh...owh sigh...

Why so many presentations.
Why form6 so many things to do.
Why so troublesome oh!

I want to shout out so loud so loud.

Just today, I was telling my friends.
I will start studying in April.
Well, we shall see.



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