Apr 9, 2012

at 11:36 PM

Achoo! :'x

I said to post sumthing interesting in this post.
But i think I'll just make it short. hehe.
So I've sent my entry for the essay contest.
That was the longest english essay I've ever written in my (counting...) 13years of school life weh! wahaha. It was awesome. =)

The process of handing in my entry was very long.
(It took only one day actually..) hehe but really thank God cause I almost missed the chance!
Blame myself for the last minute work again D; but really grateful the teacher was willing to help. (after very much of talking =x)

Cut the long story short, I had to pay rm6 for the post but in the end teacher discounted rm1 for me o.o.. better than nothing whee. But sadly, the certificates are very limited. only 60 if not mistaken. hopefully I can at least get one.  :3

Well as to my title of this entry, I'm here to declare that I'm sick. Lawls.
It's good to be sick sometimes. =3 eee look who's talking!

Nyways I'm down with flu. Hope it won't lead to fever or sore throat or anything worse. Like how it always will. Sad. Pray for me will you? ^^

Heh. K gotta go.

Love you readers! =)

You made it right,

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