Apr 28, 2012

at 12:08 AM

The muffin.

One word, and still the same word. BUSY!

Public Speaking Competition was on wed(2 days ago). I was quite disappointed with my performance =(  Mother said it was because of my last minute work. lol. True thou, I only THINK OF WHAT TO SAY the night before the competition. Blame myself =.=....just like hw I did for my essay contest, 2 days before only I started writing. Ahh well, results for public speaking will be out next Wed, till then we shall see. hiak hiak :3

English Day performance for my class postponed to next Thurs. Good thing is we have more time to practice, but it's really disturbing me... Sigh I thought I could finish all the unnecessary activities by this week so I could start doing my revision next week.

But sad to say, even the performance did not postpone, I still have new work to do. NIE project, which is compulsory, and that stupid stupid stupid SLAD project. IF IT WASN'T FOR THAT #(*&#(*%&#(*^&^( CERTIFICATE, I WILLL NOT EVEN TOUCH IT!!! 

sigh...they better give me an A for my koko. grr. =x

Oh, basketball competition next Wed. :D
HAHAHA don't get it wrong, I super noob one =p but I love aiming. Especially the moment when the ball enters the net. Man that feeling. buahaha. I nvr really play on court, only got it around arcades. hehehehe.

About the muffin thing.
Well, I almost got killed because of the tiny muffin. (forgot it's flavor, didn't want to remember it O;) haha. not that bad lah actually, but my bunny (car) banged people's ass while I was paying too much attention to that stupid muffin. =.= Hungry mah....
But the irony part was, the car in front was my friend. Classmate summore. HAHA.
Thank God. Just imagine what would have happened if the car was some strangers.
Maybe a police (gg), maybe a butcher with knives in the car O.O..or maybe a drug addict.
Or even criminals with pistols in the boot! O___O!!

wops. =p

I can't wait.


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