Apr 11, 2012

at 2:20 PM

Needs more unicorns.

Ignore my title, heard it from someone really random and thought it was very cuteee =p *loves!

Well the truth is, I need more holidays.
A public holiday like this where I can just rot at home. x) baalala.

Had this for myself.

honey honey i needdd eu!

mother asked to put ice. hoho surprised. o.o
nyways hope it helps to sooth mah throat. *coughs coughs.

Presenting to you, my new work station!


lol mother said she'll faint if she ever see this mess again.


ta-daaa! neat and tidy :D (i think)
i always wanted to have a lappy and cool speakers and a table lamp in my own room.
And not forgetting being in the dark. =)
Now my wish has come true!
(thou the speakers aint very cool)

Heees. I'm so blessed. Praise God!

One of my favourite dress. =p
(was going for dinner with relatives)

 So I'm seriously on the GOGO mode now. Thankful that my homework has somehow finished. Next up is public speaking speech, and that stupid eng day presentation. I need a song to sing!!! help! T__T

p/s: I hope I won't abandon my darling blog soon. =x

I see your effort,
 sweetheart. =)


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