May 23, 2012

at 8:37 PM

I wish I never said that.

I am so so so so gonna change my blog template soon! :D

Last paper tomorrow, microeconomics, that is.
Screw geog papers. 3 hours for each paper is crazy! and for most of the papers, I slept at least for an hour. Not bad, gd enough to cover up those countless nights of inadequate sleep.

what scared me most of the was this:

Each time I wake up from my nap, everybody is still writing!

Then I'd be like, great, is there really so much to write? Dais. Then the next second I'd flip through my answer sheets and read again. Then after a few minutes I'd be dreaming AGAIN and sleep. again. lawls.

Yep, it happened for almost ALL my papers, except for microeconomics and PA essay.
Srsly if I don't get an A for my econs this round, I think I'll die of disappointments, because that's like my fav subject so far! (other than MUET of course) Nyway I hope I crapped well for my papaers. *grins

Well imma stop talking about exam now. 
I can't stop thinking and planning for my holiday already. Heees. x)
I have 2 weeks off, and I'm only giving myself one and a half week off!
For the rest of the days, which is 3 or 4 days before school reopens, I'm gonna start preparing for school. Revision shall start right away and all the way until everythin' ends.

Look who's talking.

LOL. If only I have the same passion 2 weeks before my mid-term exam.
Dang it.

So here're some reminders for self:
- Finish at least 2 novels in 2 weeks,
- Hangout with long-lost friends,
- Tidy up the mess in mah room,
- Finish 2 sets of dramas, 2 sets of anime,
- Play all the mini games that have been stored for more than 100years,
- Do a simple cover with da jie. 

*reads the list back* 

....Joey, u must be so excited.....


My piece of work.


I don't need this list,
to remind me to spend time,

with you.


May 20, 2012

at 4:00 PM

Lame post. :D

Spongebob said Hello. =)

Patrick said Good Morning!


It's 6.30am.

Not my room o.o

Not my puppeeey.

Snacks. Movie. Awesome.

p/s: Told yah it's lame. :D

One more week.

May 17, 2012

at 11:24 PM

Cool story bro, cool story.

I was a dead girl yesterday, but was revived this morning.


Yesterday has no paper, but I was forced to go back to school for Teachers' Day.
Out of 20+ MPP committees, only about 5 to 6 of us stayed back to help out.
If I had a choice, I won't even give a crap about teachers day.
The events were pure crap.

But despite the events, I love my teachers.

We stayed at assembly ground from about 7.30am till 10.30am.
They set up canopies for us, but sadly I remembered there were only like..2 of them?
In the end me and my friends who sat right at the back had to tahan the hot sun for an hour.
And funny how the students were so amused by those performances.
Or maybe it was just me.

Anyway, the only performance that caught my attention was their band.
Not bad, and if I were to remember a thing that has ever impressed me before I leave this school, it would be the band. Lol so pathetic right. Hmmm.

I spent about a quarter of my school hour yesterday to study.
At least I studies a little, or else I'd be more pek cek lorh. =..=
After school everyone was happy to go home. Except for few of us.

To make it simple, I shall show you some pictures.

This was the teachers' jamuan after school hours.
Our job? was to serve them.
For that instant I really felt like a waitress.
And I swear I'm never going to be one in the future.
Never ever!

In short, they're the master and you're the slave.

But well at least some teachers were kind enough.
In fact they were too kind.
Until one point we couldn't resist their offers LOL.

I hate kuihs like this. T__T
Mr Ganesh was like,
no no, take, eat some!eat!

These were worse.
Salute Kiray much.
He was the only one to swallow the whole piece of. cake.
I don't fancy cakes.
Not any cake but chocolate ones :D
Nyway this cake almost made me puke I'm not joking.

Apart from that,
some teachers order us like we were really their waitresses.
Even Mr. Ganesh said so! =x
We had to run from that place all the way to canteen to get them stuff.
And even the canteen staffs were so pissed off.
lol funny joke.

This handful of rubber bands, made me kena scolding from the canteen staffs lol.
Teachers needed them to pack the leftovers. 
They were so sarcastic and I was so tempted to talk back =.=
Hello, I don't need these rubber bands okay, 
not like I have no money to buy myself.

Then I told myself.
It's okay, it's their day.

The jamuan ended at about 2.15pm.
And we were there to clean up.
Some teachers were so kind!
They helped to stack up chairs and clean the tables. :D
Even thou I don't know them,
but I definitely remembered their faces.
Reason was because, they were chinese.
I'm not trying to be racist here. D:
Really no offence, but because they're chinese teachers,
it makes me easier to remember them.

Cool story. :D

Well here's the interesting part.
it was when things were almost done, 
that we decided to go back our class for a sip of drink.

See so empty d.
It proved our hardwork! xD
(Not totally thou. hehe.)

And THEN suddenly....

GG case.
After unlocking the padlock.
there was another lock underneath, I think they were locked accidentally.
Anyway you know how the lock works, so I don't have to explain. LOL.

Chill boy chill...wahahah
btw for no reason I was so thrilled.
Then I asked him to stop to let me take picture.
HAHA zz.
(I must be super stress =..=)

Here came da HERO!

Problem settled after about 10mins.

Dang dang! I saw my water bottle. Tehee!

In the end I climbed in from here too.
For fun.
Sometimes we must do things like these to release stress.
My goodness.
Can't belive I just said that.


After everything was settled,
we left school at about 2.45pm.

I was reluctant to go to school yesterday.
But after seeing those kind teachers,
I was kinda touched.
Especially our discipline teacher, Mr. Ganesh.
I like him alot. =)

After school I drove to UMNO library.
Prayed for a parking.
And I got a parking.

I snap for fun, posted for fun, and elaborated it for the sake of the picture.

LOL fine, ignore this crap.




'no...I like you that way..'
Melted. Totally.


May 15, 2012

at 8:45 PM

You're like a star in my life. =)

Today's paper was kind of easy.
But the thing is,
I forgot almost all of what I've revised.
Sad sad story,
again, I hope I get half at least. =(

I received alot unexpected compliments today.
Out from nowhere. O.O
I just want to say,
teacher you really overestimated me.

But later I thought of what she has said,
Maybe I really lack perseverance.

It might just be a wake-up call from God. 
Because I know, I've not been doing well spiritually.

Wait for me, I'm coming back. =)

Next up,

Happy 12th Birthday baobeii didi.

You knw I'm so proud to have you as my brother :D

you're one in a million,
stronger than the lion;
as compared to the rest,
you're still the best. 

LOL paiseh that was totally super random xD

Black Forest Cake!

You may not be the most handsome guy in my heart,
But you're definitely the greatest and cutest brother in the universe!
*smiles =)

Be good brothaa,
I believe life has so much more,
God has a plan in your life,
and he has installed so much in you.
Life is awaiting,
don't rush don't hurry.
You have my vote,
you have God the Father.

You may not get to read this,
but I put it here, because I realized I never really take time to appreciate you.

Brother you;re still young, but
Brother you're awesome!


your lenglui er jie.



May 14, 2012

at 7:32 PM

Let'em pictures talk.

This is what I got for getting 2nd place in basketball competition. =x

Cadbury! <3

Maximum serenity.
Me loves rainy evening. =) 

Both were mine. =p

whaii you so ke aii.

Missed you deeply.

Today marks the beginning of mid-term exam.
Papers today = dabao.
It's k. I need at least half of the marks thats all.
Me no ambitious. =X

Planned to spam library these 2 weeks.
But sadly library was closed today!
Sorry my 2 lovely darling.
Had to change location.

Instead of library.
We went KFC.

Thanks for the KFC Krushers.

Oh and half a piece of da chicken.

Gambateh tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.
And it goes on. :D


May 11, 2012

at 4:28 PM


Feeling so weak emotionally.

It's time to be, independent again.

May 10, 2012

at 4:56 PM


4 days away from mid-term. I'm not even half way thru my preparation.

Lol but who cares. Nobody cares anymore. 
This whole week I've been running here and there for the lower6 orientation week.
Not like I'm complaining, but it seriously drained me off! (isn't that complaining already? LOL)

And what's more, Mothers' Day is here, Teachers' Day also here, not to forget also my bro's Birthday. But hello, where's my holiday? D;

I used to complain for having too much of holidays lol.
Now that I have tons of things that I WISH to do, I seriously am craving for a good loong one.

Well that's beside the point. 
Found one song recently, and it's so catchy.
So, decided to do a cover. :D
(sorry, didn't mean to sound macam Yes.)

Here's a sneak peek. 
Shh. =p

Stay tuned.

May 6, 2012

at 12:24 PM













P/s: 我用华语,有我的目的。



May 3, 2012

at 7:22 PM

One Fine Day.

Yay.......finally my workload has lessen down! ^^

Public Speaking was last Wednesday, today was the announcement of results. Gahhh I didn't even know I could get a 4th place. HAHA. My prepared speech was not that good cuz really, too nervous.... They said my impromptu was even better. :D title given was 'Quality of my Life Partner'.. The moment I saw the title, I had so much relief, at least it's not 'Quality of Life' or 'Form6 Life'. Those would be so much complicated. =x Well I went up and crap for about 6mins. (unexpectedly long wehhh HAHAH) I only stopped when the bell rang for the 2nd time. Anyway, I got 10bucks. Good enough, Praise God. =)

There, this was the 10bucks + 5bucks voucher for every contestant. =)

Yesterday was our basketball competition. We competed with other clubs in form6, there were 6 girls team n 6 boys team if im nt mistaken. Only 3 in a team, and I was teamed with 2 indian girls, they're 2 awesome friends. :D We worked very well together, just that they sometimes don't pass me the ball.. (aww...left out..=x) HAHA syiaks I didn't mean to sound foreveralone one kay.... D:
But still, we really teamed up good. Well girls team mostly all noobs (sorry to say, but really very true) because with my 'shui pi' skills oso we could get a 2nd place. LOL. Imagine our standard xDD For me it's only friendly matches, and I seriously had fun with them hahax. The first place had a super duper pro Joanne there, she kept shooting 2 point. Everyone's attention was on her! Our final match was with her team, and as expected, we only shot like 1 or 2 points only...Sadden de. =p

Now the price I had to pay : Tanned skin.

SLAD project is also over. I used up 2 nights to do my slides. A total of 30 slides, with no clue and only a title. Gosh it was crazy, searched for information like mad! Tomorrow had to hand in everything, and I'm glad to say I'm ready for it. RAWR xD

Today we, Upper 6 Tanjung presented our ASL(America Sign Language) for We Are The World by Michael Jackson. We've been practicing, and the feedback was kinda positive. =D Thankful =) Thanks Tanjung, me loves you all much! <3

I'm done. Bring it on baybeh!


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