May 23, 2012

at 8:37 PM

I wish I never said that.

I am so so so so gonna change my blog template soon! :D

Last paper tomorrow, microeconomics, that is.
Screw geog papers. 3 hours for each paper is crazy! and for most of the papers, I slept at least for an hour. Not bad, gd enough to cover up those countless nights of inadequate sleep.

what scared me most of the was this:

Each time I wake up from my nap, everybody is still writing!

Then I'd be like, great, is there really so much to write? Dais. Then the next second I'd flip through my answer sheets and read again. Then after a few minutes I'd be dreaming AGAIN and sleep. again. lawls.

Yep, it happened for almost ALL my papers, except for microeconomics and PA essay.
Srsly if I don't get an A for my econs this round, I think I'll die of disappointments, because that's like my fav subject so far! (other than MUET of course) Nyway I hope I crapped well for my papaers. *grins

Well imma stop talking about exam now. 
I can't stop thinking and planning for my holiday already. Heees. x)
I have 2 weeks off, and I'm only giving myself one and a half week off!
For the rest of the days, which is 3 or 4 days before school reopens, I'm gonna start preparing for school. Revision shall start right away and all the way until everythin' ends.

Look who's talking.

LOL. If only I have the same passion 2 weeks before my mid-term exam.
Dang it.

So here're some reminders for self:
- Finish at least 2 novels in 2 weeks,
- Hangout with long-lost friends,
- Tidy up the mess in mah room,
- Finish 2 sets of dramas, 2 sets of anime,
- Play all the mini games that have been stored for more than 100years,
- Do a simple cover with da jie. 

*reads the list back* 

....Joey, u must be so excited.....


My piece of work.


I don't need this list,
to remind me to spend time,

with you.


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