May 14, 2012

at 7:32 PM

Let'em pictures talk.

This is what I got for getting 2nd place in basketball competition. =x

Cadbury! <3

Maximum serenity.
Me loves rainy evening. =) 

Both were mine. =p

whaii you so ke aii.

Missed you deeply.

Today marks the beginning of mid-term exam.
Papers today = dabao.
It's k. I need at least half of the marks thats all.
Me no ambitious. =X

Planned to spam library these 2 weeks.
But sadly library was closed today!
Sorry my 2 lovely darling.
Had to change location.

Instead of library.
We went KFC.

Thanks for the KFC Krushers.

Oh and half a piece of da chicken.

Gambateh tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.
And it goes on. :D



大头虾萝卜 said...

Basketball competition!?!!! you?!!!! 2nd prize?!!!!!!!!!



MidnightGurl said...

LOL..all noob only larh, we noob also, just that my team not as noob as the rest tats al HAHAHA wops =p


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