May 3, 2012

at 7:22 PM

One Fine Day.

Yay.......finally my workload has lessen down! ^^

Public Speaking was last Wednesday, today was the announcement of results. Gahhh I didn't even know I could get a 4th place. HAHA. My prepared speech was not that good cuz really, too nervous.... They said my impromptu was even better. :D title given was 'Quality of my Life Partner'.. The moment I saw the title, I had so much relief, at least it's not 'Quality of Life' or 'Form6 Life'. Those would be so much complicated. =x Well I went up and crap for about 6mins. (unexpectedly long wehhh HAHAH) I only stopped when the bell rang for the 2nd time. Anyway, I got 10bucks. Good enough, Praise God. =)

There, this was the 10bucks + 5bucks voucher for every contestant. =)

Yesterday was our basketball competition. We competed with other clubs in form6, there were 6 girls team n 6 boys team if im nt mistaken. Only 3 in a team, and I was teamed with 2 indian girls, they're 2 awesome friends. :D We worked very well together, just that they sometimes don't pass me the ball.. (aww...left out..=x) HAHA syiaks I didn't mean to sound foreveralone one kay.... D:
But still, we really teamed up good. Well girls team mostly all noobs (sorry to say, but really very true) because with my 'shui pi' skills oso we could get a 2nd place. LOL. Imagine our standard xDD For me it's only friendly matches, and I seriously had fun with them hahax. The first place had a super duper pro Joanne there, she kept shooting 2 point. Everyone's attention was on her! Our final match was with her team, and as expected, we only shot like 1 or 2 points only...Sadden de. =p

Now the price I had to pay : Tanned skin.

SLAD project is also over. I used up 2 nights to do my slides. A total of 30 slides, with no clue and only a title. Gosh it was crazy, searched for information like mad! Tomorrow had to hand in everything, and I'm glad to say I'm ready for it. RAWR xD

Today we, Upper 6 Tanjung presented our ASL(America Sign Language) for We Are The World by Michael Jackson. We've been practicing, and the feedback was kinda positive. =D Thankful =) Thanks Tanjung, me loves you all much! <3

I'm done. Bring it on baybeh!


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