May 10, 2012

at 4:56 PM


4 days away from mid-term. I'm not even half way thru my preparation.

Lol but who cares. Nobody cares anymore. 
This whole week I've been running here and there for the lower6 orientation week.
Not like I'm complaining, but it seriously drained me off! (isn't that complaining already? LOL)

And what's more, Mothers' Day is here, Teachers' Day also here, not to forget also my bro's Birthday. But hello, where's my holiday? D;

I used to complain for having too much of holidays lol.
Now that I have tons of things that I WISH to do, I seriously am craving for a good loong one.

Well that's beside the point. 
Found one song recently, and it's so catchy.
So, decided to do a cover. :D
(sorry, didn't mean to sound macam Yes.)

Here's a sneak peek. 
Shh. =p

Stay tuned.

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