May 15, 2012

at 8:45 PM

You're like a star in my life. =)

Today's paper was kind of easy.
But the thing is,
I forgot almost all of what I've revised.
Sad sad story,
again, I hope I get half at least. =(

I received alot unexpected compliments today.
Out from nowhere. O.O
I just want to say,
teacher you really overestimated me.

But later I thought of what she has said,
Maybe I really lack perseverance.

It might just be a wake-up call from God. 
Because I know, I've not been doing well spiritually.

Wait for me, I'm coming back. =)

Next up,

Happy 12th Birthday baobeii didi.

You knw I'm so proud to have you as my brother :D

you're one in a million,
stronger than the lion;
as compared to the rest,
you're still the best. 

LOL paiseh that was totally super random xD

Black Forest Cake!

You may not be the most handsome guy in my heart,
But you're definitely the greatest and cutest brother in the universe!
*smiles =)

Be good brothaa,
I believe life has so much more,
God has a plan in your life,
and he has installed so much in you.
Life is awaiting,
don't rush don't hurry.
You have my vote,
you have God the Father.

You may not get to read this,
but I put it here, because I realized I never really take time to appreciate you.

Brother you;re still young, but
Brother you're awesome!


your lenglui er jie.



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