Jun 28, 2012

at 11:37 AM


There were really moments where I thought that, yea, maybe my time is up.
You would think it's hilarious, but lemme tell you, having fever for 7 days isn't a joke. You can try, but you will regret. Imagine you had to eat different types of pills 4 times a day, and each time you eat, you'll sweat like mad and stink like shit. And no you can't shower. 

It has been like that for a week. I almost wanted to give up on the 3rd day, because I really couldn't take it anymore. I felt so, so weak physically. Sometimes when my temperature dropped a little, I would be soooo happy but later after an hour, my fever came back. On and off on and off. Very sickening, until I stop hoping for recovery.

I eat so little these days, everybody says I look skinnier.
I'm scared. I don't want to go back to school looking like a walking skeleton.
It's. Ugly.

Other than clinics and hospital, I go nowhere and stay only at home.
Thankfully my blood test showed it wasn't dengue.
Doctor said I have throat infection at quite a serious stage, that's why fever never leaves.

I believe I now have the medication phobia. But like it or not, I still have to finish these..

Doctor said if by then I still have fever, I will have to admit myself to hospital.
No way. I have MUET test next week. I can't stay in the hospital for nuts.

Well, now you get to see this post, it simply means that I'm feeling much better than before, and I'm really recovering. =) Praise God for that. I'm thankful to have friends that cared, friends that prayed, my family that took care of me without any complains, and also my sweetheart, that kept supporting me.

I love you guys.

After this awful sickness, I swear I'm gonna sayang my body more le...
Mummy said she's gonna feed me till I'm double my size now =x
Which makes sense, since I'm already losing weight.. Heh.

Anyway, thank You Lord for the healing, and for everyone that I have. =)


Dear body,
Sorry for not being good enough.

Jun 25, 2012

at 11:15 AM

Le process.


I skipped school today, cause fever came back last night.
I coughed until a point my muscle really hurts, like seriously.
Just that it has no blood. =x

Well yesterday I only remember I had a cup of honey in the morning, ate few spoons of rice with some soup for lunch, and that was it. I lost my appetite for the rest of the day, worse still, I was outside doing stuff, had to walk, drive, talk and bla blah.

Thankful to my sweetheart, he saved my life!
If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to make it. =)
Whatever the result was, you still won!

Then when I came home, shower? neh.
I stink, I know.
Lol, but I was too drained off, if you saw me last night, I looked even worse than a walking zombie, or if you don't like, worse than a corpse. Crap.
I had 2 panadol, and some other med, then went to bed, in less than 1 hour time, my whole body stink even more, my whole back was soaked with sweat and gahhhh, I just wish I could take off my clothings. But even that, I didn't have enough energy. So ke lian right.. =(

I was worried cause I ate medicine with empty stomach. Could my body handle them? Would I wake in the middle of the night having to find food? That made me shivered. Getting out of bed means I have to drag my heavy body around, just to look for food.

Thank God the next minute I woke up, it was already in the morning. But each time I wake, I won't stop coughing. Like my throat itches every 2 seconds. And all the phlegm would gather and wanting me to spit them out.

I was never good at spitting my phlegm. So instead I would force them back inside. It was almost like swallowing back some rotten egg. Ewwww, I better stop here lol.
It was because of that, I imagined myself with a stomach full of phlegm and that made me not wanting to eat anything. Don't know if it works like that, probably some science students could tell me? lol.

JUst now about 9am, dad brought me out for breakfast.
That milo kosong helped me to gain my appetite, but then later the bread ruined it, I didn't know what was the spread, but it tasted like lemon cause it was a lil sour, or maybe the spread just expired or, they bought some new spread that had just came out.
Whatever the reason was, I stopped after 2 bites, and had to bungkus everything back, they're still lying quietly (duh) in the plastic back, but 


Yeah, I'm serious.
Unless my house runs out of food,
and I'm dead hungry,
then maybe I would,
or would I? lolol.

Well, after that I had half boiled eggs.
 I always loveeee eggie,

 don't you think they're cuuute? :3



I want to recover sooon, and go back to school.
I guess my darling classmates must be studying hard in school now.
I'm left behind again.
So sad. =(

K, time to take a rest.

'I will take care of you.'
Nuff said.



Jun 24, 2012

at 2:08 PM

Hi blogspot, I'm declared sick.

Down with flu cough sore throat fever headache and what's more.
In short, I'm having al the common sickness that you could think of.
I haven't been this sick for a very very long time.

I have homework this weekend, but I don't even have the energy to do.
Was on bed just now with my MUET work book, and I fell asleep after reading 2 paragraphs. And what's worse, nothing goes in. Hmm must be the effect of med.

My favorite boii is coming down to Seremban later.
*dance around!


I'm expecting him to be my cure, 
and all my sickness would be gone when I see him.
Blehhs =p

With my condition now,
All I ever wanted is you to be here,
Right next to me.



Jun 18, 2012

at 9:37 PM

I'm in pink today rawr!

Whenever I feel empty, I blog.
That's not supposed to be the way, but (Imma repeat this again) Blogspot really is like my second diary. Not so much of secrets, but those who view my blog, I believe, are those whom I trust. =)

I always believe,
guys who blog are sentimental and are quite sensitive (in a good way),
guys who read blogs are soft at heart.
Whereas for girls, it's super normal for both the above. lol.
So if you're a guy and you're reading this, you better tick the 'love' below.

Unless you don't like to be called sentimental/ sensitive/ soft at heart,
then my apologies! x)

Went Malacca yesterday with my family and a soon-to-be family member. =D
I really enjoyed it, it's been so long since we last had one family trip..probably 2 years ago.. Well for this I really want to thank God, or else I doubt we'll ever have awesome trip like this.. =)

I got these at jonker street. For myself and my sweetheart.
Well, we both love weird stuff.

When there is light.

You don't care,
I won'too.

Till I stop trying.

Jun 17, 2012

at 1:51 AM


Insolent: Not being respectful
Tot: young child
Corduroy: some material
Bib: some sorta garment
Raucous: rough, hoarse voice
engaging: charming, attractive
Inattentive: careless
Impudent: not showing respect

So these are the new words for the day.
In only one passage.

And I actually thought tot was thought.
If you know what I mean.

Muet test in 2 weeks time.
All the best Joey Tien Ju Yee.

Look, it's Joey Tien and le tissue roll.


Jun 11, 2012

at 9:20 PM

I got it.

You don't seem to agree what I do.
You never supported me the way I wanted.
I know, you always compare.
And I know, I'm always the worst.

You complain about me.
But you never tell me what I did wrong.
I have my ways of doing things,
I have my ways to arrange my stuff.
You never trusted me for that.

Because of one mistake,
you want to condemn me forever?

I've done what I could to change.
Instead of supporting me,
you complain even more.
Can't you see my effort?
Can't you appreciate them?

You may think that I don't know,
it always happens behind my back.
From the way I see it,
I know I'm right.

I'm not there yet.
But I'm working on it.
I will prove you wrong.
With what I'm going to achieve.

Even if all of you go against me,
I know I will have people to back me up.
And most importantly,
I have the Almighty.


I heard that with my own ears,
You don't know how much that hurts.

I don't have to explain.
Cause it will never work.


Jun 10, 2012

at 11:34 PM

Lifeless girl I am.

Yet again it's time for me to #getalife.

2 days ago something happened on the road while I was driving.
Not gonna go into detail for some personal reason.
Hehee but reason why I mentioned it here, is because I can't stop saying how real God is.

His faithfulness, His promises, His protections.  =)

I've been spamming alot on tetris these days, finally reached the rank of 30. Proud of myself weh! Hahax but on the contrary, my keyboard is lagging like shyts d. lol.

Well let's do a lil bit of compare and contrast here.

This is my to-do-list before holiday:

- Finish at least 2 novels in 2 weeks,
- Hangout with long-lost friends,
- Tidy up the mess in mah room,
- Finish 2 sets of dramas, 2 sets of anime,
- Play all the mini games that have been stored for more than 100years,
- Do a simple cover with da jie. 

And here's my ticked list after holiday:

- Only read half of a book. 
- Hangout, checked.
- Tidy the mess, checked. But i think i need another round of tidying.
- Only managed to watch 1 set of drama and anime. 
- Mini games. RAWR, games yes, mini no.
- Music cover? Sister jus came back 2 days ago. Well stay tuned on this one.

That's about it.
School's starting tomorrow,
same shyts, time to #getalife.


Jun 5, 2012

at 11:03 AM


It's a lovely Tuesday morning! =)
Well I'm supposed to be giving tuition now but my student ffk me. Sad.

Right now I'm hving a cup of HL milk and a piece of really huge cookie.
I always love how the morning sunlight creeps in and cast shadows all over the place.

Music is on, and it simply keeps the groove going.

It's already the second week of my holiday. Is it productive so far?
Yeah. In fact I was enjoying all the way.
I've finished 1 series of drama, a movie (Inception, that is), and half way through a book.
Also I've tried recording a song. With all the mixing and stuff.
The result ain't impressive. But at least something. Hehe, good start. *pat pat* =)

Ah sigh, but so what I'm enjoying. I kept reminding myself that this is only a break, and everything has to go on. Work, stress, pressure, dealing with emotion, fighting with my inner self, struggling spiritually, and it seems that I'm running away from'em. I know, I know I HAVE TO do something about it. Already working on it, and I really need strength from above.

Oh and, I can't wait for sister to be back! :D
Only thing I don't like is, the room will be messy again.
Seriously, the mess always gets me into lazy-mode, and if I don't do anything about it, it gets worse, and I bet it's gonna go on that way till she leaves again. Lol but who cares, I always enjoy those crazy moments we have. Other than God, sister knows me best. Telepathy. Yeap that's da word!

Here's some updates of my holiday so far. Heeees.

This was at Taylors Lakeside.

Photographer was my lovely someone.

Believe it or not, my very first Subway in my whole life!

And da supadelicious double choc cookie!

Heeees, thanks for the treat boy!

 Fooling around with his Samsung Galaxy SII.
Cool phone, but smart phone.
Have to reconsider.

 I've had my hair done last last Sunday.

My bangs really are annoying.

So imma wait extra patiently for it to grow.


Domino is the best, seriously.

No more pizza hut! Whee!
Thanks for the treat again darling. =D

This is,
a long and winding road. Not.

Heh, this entire road with lighting I always wish I had, caught my attention.

I can't wait till stpm is over, really I'm going to shout out so loud, I'm just afraid I can't handle it anymore. Thanks for not leaving me anytime soon.You know you could help in so many ways. =) And after this season of stress, I'll have to deal with stuff alone again. 2 years are very long, especially when you're all alone along the journey. Be there okay? We shall go, where the wind blows. Just like how you always said we will.

Let God take charge, He's the leader, we're the follower.
Never ever forget this.

I Love You.
Simple as that.


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