Jun 5, 2012

at 11:03 AM


It's a lovely Tuesday morning! =)
Well I'm supposed to be giving tuition now but my student ffk me. Sad.

Right now I'm hving a cup of HL milk and a piece of really huge cookie.
I always love how the morning sunlight creeps in and cast shadows all over the place.

Music is on, and it simply keeps the groove going.

It's already the second week of my holiday. Is it productive so far?
Yeah. In fact I was enjoying all the way.
I've finished 1 series of drama, a movie (Inception, that is), and half way through a book.
Also I've tried recording a song. With all the mixing and stuff.
The result ain't impressive. But at least something. Hehe, good start. *pat pat* =)

Ah sigh, but so what I'm enjoying. I kept reminding myself that this is only a break, and everything has to go on. Work, stress, pressure, dealing with emotion, fighting with my inner self, struggling spiritually, and it seems that I'm running away from'em. I know, I know I HAVE TO do something about it. Already working on it, and I really need strength from above.

Oh and, I can't wait for sister to be back! :D
Only thing I don't like is, the room will be messy again.
Seriously, the mess always gets me into lazy-mode, and if I don't do anything about it, it gets worse, and I bet it's gonna go on that way till she leaves again. Lol but who cares, I always enjoy those crazy moments we have. Other than God, sister knows me best. Telepathy. Yeap that's da word!

Here's some updates of my holiday so far. Heeees.

This was at Taylors Lakeside.

Photographer was my lovely someone.

Believe it or not, my very first Subway in my whole life!

And da supadelicious double choc cookie!

Heeees, thanks for the treat boy!

 Fooling around with his Samsung Galaxy SII.
Cool phone, but smart phone.
Have to reconsider.

 I've had my hair done last last Sunday.

My bangs really are annoying.

So imma wait extra patiently for it to grow.


Domino is the best, seriously.

No more pizza hut! Whee!
Thanks for the treat again darling. =D

This is,
a long and winding road. Not.

Heh, this entire road with lighting I always wish I had, caught my attention.

I can't wait till stpm is over, really I'm going to shout out so loud, I'm just afraid I can't handle it anymore. Thanks for not leaving me anytime soon.You know you could help in so many ways. =) And after this season of stress, I'll have to deal with stuff alone again. 2 years are very long, especially when you're all alone along the journey. Be there okay? We shall go, where the wind blows. Just like how you always said we will.

Let God take charge, He's the leader, we're the follower.
Never ever forget this.

I Love You.
Simple as that.


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