Jun 24, 2012

at 2:08 PM

Hi blogspot, I'm declared sick.

Down with flu cough sore throat fever headache and what's more.
In short, I'm having al the common sickness that you could think of.
I haven't been this sick for a very very long time.

I have homework this weekend, but I don't even have the energy to do.
Was on bed just now with my MUET work book, and I fell asleep after reading 2 paragraphs. And what's worse, nothing goes in. Hmm must be the effect of med.

My favorite boii is coming down to Seremban later.
*dance around!


I'm expecting him to be my cure, 
and all my sickness would be gone when I see him.
Blehhs =p

With my condition now,
All I ever wanted is you to be here,
Right next to me.



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